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Cats are awesome

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22 points

Look at me smile

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I'm on a trip with family & it looks like I'm going to come home with a pupper..

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69 points

I'll hold the damn flowers, but I'm not saying cheese.

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59 points

Does anyone know what breed of bat this is?

Preview 24a32547 7bac 48e9 a3a4 9847cb35c169
142 points

Unique dual-colored eyes

Preview 819360a1 c5f3 49a9 b2fc a5b75e557783
22 points

Just a freshly bathed doggo

Preview 43e2e167 3b7a 40c9 a338 9e5509089da6
19 points

Hey man, nice hat

Preview c58f6364 87e0 4f33 8800 37629095bfa0
21 points

Laugh my ass off!!!!

Preview 830551c5 c9e9 43c8 bff3 60900a037a42
21 points

Clever cat can solve your problems

Preview b43dec39 c489 4797 aa5a 1f3c54619ad9
16 points

My dad's chihuahua alerted him of a bear and chased it up a tree in the front yard

Preview 4b640af6 ee92 4b9f 814e e487a9048b04
7 points

"Don't you ever sneak up on me again!"

Preview 7f2cac20 0872 4757 aa9e d420e6adb67e

B I t t e n

Preview e7e744db a4fe 4cf9 a1c8 4a601098b5a1

A bird said 'beep' at the window

Preview b0ae41b2 1b93 4741 8838 d523e613391d

Think I'll sit rightttttt here.

Preview 3daf3640 6e92 4029 9e5d c7e10a0e3b46

The love of 2 shibes

Preview 395b0aef 8daf 48c7 9de1 6b398d0a5696

All around me are familiar faces...

Preview 80e22d60 b17a 49f9 a1f6 6778f93a3896
50 points


Preview 5d698ea3 af5d 44cc b05a 0900a93f7e2d

Neighbour cat has bells on her collar

Preview 4b09a645 3f35 4f70 9450 87563b05e728

He met the family dog

Preview 555314f8 42e9 4406 b8e5 bbe0af65ec30

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