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What IS that miraculous contraption, mum?

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16 points

Need a shotgun

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12 points

Cate love

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12 points


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9 points

Banana for scale

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10 points

Describe your post....

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10 points

Pumbaa heard a motorcycle go by outside

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This is my dog Simon he and I ran a crosa country race he got a medal as well ; )

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Fluffy payload

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Went out for a quick snack and forgot to buy him a toy.

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Baby deer wants scratches

Preview eaf30eb2 c4fd 44af bceb 7732af3f8768

Would you prefer to ride with this or faketaxi?

Preview be444754 325b 4ffa 8247 08f269258257
2 points

Should I be worried about my dog? is this just a phase?

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I think he likes it.

Preview 85806f51 2a28 4ddc 99d4 bb3ed61dc096

Cinnamon roll cat

Preview 469fbcea 93a5 440e b62f 04c562fc052f

Every picture you've taken

Preview 60bc3dff 80fc 4af2 851f f298d06e2e95
1 points

Ladies, gentlemen and apache helicopters, meet Kaya❤

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He doesn't want to bath

Preview cee8fb12 684a 422e af1b bac98267c28d

Have a nice day!!

Preview cb5efe6e 57dc 4b29 bb65 95a68559f6db

Cuddling with her lammy

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