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Smokey sneezed himself scared.

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70 points


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40 points


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76 points

The power of Christ compels you!

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64 points

She said no...

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Less than 4 hours after this bath, she rolled in a dead bird. With such gusto, too

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I thought this belonged here

Preview cda9c553 a63a 4057 953d 7b1e8fa7b705

When cheese and crackers gets dangerous

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117 points

Updated for accuracy

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149 points

Was chilling comfortably with one of my moms dogs when the other decided he had to join the party.

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Dingo Viciously Mauled by Lion

Preview 425295b3 4ad7 4b1d 93ce cf809d82996c

Beans is going to shit in someone’s shoe

Preview c9a107b9 0941 476b aa63 f16b9ef91914

She was there first, but I don't think he cares.

Preview 3e43a826 0592 48e6 8b0c cd4a1f807da0

Just bought him a new bed

Preview 58adb150 ea62 459e 8a04 2146e888b7e6

Happy Nightmare Day

Preview 61f4072a 2b70 4058 9108 b14c7f2594f7
108 points

My Dad opened the Kitchen Door

Preview 40f192f7 12c4 4a1c 9862 0db36d489d15
147 points

Dupe poppy

Preview 3cbf397d e76b 4f9f 9db0 9895b16fd7fd
130 points

He loves butt scritches

Preview d145a714 6c72 4624 88f4 80a3f9d2c0cf

I asked them who pooped next to my bed and I think I have the answer.

Preview 5ff5b670 d576 43a1 8809 49a3a58d224d

My daughter has a super sweet kitty

Preview e2a978b3 5536 4546 934d b3c1364b661a

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