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Trash Cat is in a predicament

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77 points

Miss Innocent

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We got her as a second return to the SPCA. All that prison time must have got to her.

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127 points

Another cat farted

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64 points

When the selfie camera turns on by mistake

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85 points

ah thing!!!!!

Preview f9addca9 41f5 4033 8e66 bbd45440073b
86 points

My cat Paco.

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80 points

every morning i make my bed, and every day after i leave he unmakes it to get underneath the covers. today i caught him.

Preview 66560f5f 0e78 4ea0 8997 c61b88b78284

This little devil decided to run off with my pop tart and then mean mug me when I chased her down and got it out of her mouth.

Preview 565a4979 4751 41af 960c adf4526e14b9

Cool, I need a dog like this one.

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126 points

Still can’t get over how creepy this dog is. It’s been months and I cringe every time I look into his beady little old man eyes.

Preview 04dc64c8 4f60 4ab2 b6a5 91c158cfae5d
100 points

I caught him in the act of destroying a board game

Preview ae419b8c ddd8 4dfc 9ea7 734228db2a07
57 points

Get this camera out of my face!

Preview 5c44cc94 733a 47cb 9465 09c511156b4e
59 points

I guess I’ll just fail my test then.

Preview 093997eb 3284 4240 850c 2379f551481f

Guess I no longer own those slippers...

Preview e735c8a4 04f9 46ad 97cf 54de023489fd

"Oh, can I taste?"

Preview 022d95c1 3ca1 423a 8f04 ca5ebd256e1b

My cat sits in the doorway to stop by dog from going inside

Preview dd13a7fd 8d71 43bb 80c6 9b0a2fd5fa80

Poor dog loses her head from vicious boxer......

Preview d1c10add d589 4f02 a8f1 4db1cd116b62

Nightmare kitty

Preview 00c9a7d5 afa7 45d3 a890 d5a07f538c73
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