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When Mom is giving you pets and is about to take your picture, but your sister ruins it by jumping up on the side of the couch all majestic like.

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dat ass 🤢

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This is Kevin. Kevin likes tuna

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All day long.

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77 points

Who da fuk u think u is???

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Lemme introduce you, my cat and its invisible race car

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75 points

The castle siege was defeated, but at great cost

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64 points

Cat Paws-ed

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The garbage man has arrived

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20 points

I’m gonna eat all your hair

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Trying to play while I’m hanging out the washing.

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My cats decided to get in a fight. The face my one cat made is completely priceless.

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Mipha just realized how cute she is

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67 points

Oh, you just cleaned the counter? I don't give a shit.

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oh no

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69 points

Mom! You’re supposed to knock!

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89 points


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Anyone else have this problem when you're trying to draw?

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You stole my poop. I stole your chair.

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