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"Six callers ahead of us Jimmy"

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79 points

Dis mine

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So I guess I won’t be having any Froot Loops.

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When he met his new sister's lol

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83 points

Don’t think she was quite ready for her picture to be taken

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100 points

A startled Izzy in her natural habitat

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51 points

This laptop takes a picture of whoever wakes it up

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79 points

My cat also demonstrating his tongue-to-nose touching skills, but not as gracefully

Preview f70f3775 f5aa 456a 9540 03157c0a45b8

My cat demonstrating his tongue-to-nose touching skills.

Preview e141cb3b d692 49ac 9985 456dc4713486

My name is Aidan. I am old and usually very sweet, but last night I pooped on my dad's leg.

Preview 05fc6ba5 be89 4faa a461 d4f51b204fb5

Just Click Already

Preview 18f1a5f4 e5b6 4d85 8e8d fd8cb581e697

She Started It

Preview c318fce3 1227 44e5 9b61 71360b41bf11

I guess I'm done with my coffee then..

Preview 1f437501 38e7 4f8d adbc 08c4f0e57016

Let’s go!

Preview 16d853b6 123c 441c 8246 adc115a6cdfa
69 points

The wind was blowing the blinds around and knocked something off the bed!

Preview 94872be7 f410 46da 8a9b 8424efb12293
56 points

He startled himself as soon as I snapped the photo.

Preview cec62f63 8d96 4886 8ce6 4c407bfabc22
61 points

Went to take out the recycling and was attacked by a vicious monster!

Preview ce5f1780 8aab 4a64 847b 7d38bd964a6e

My cats always lay with their butts right on my lenses

Preview 99b4a8fc 1f77 45e8 a2ff f2c9a04fd8a7

Cat won't let you be Depressed!

Preview 40a81ede f25b 4d5e b1e7 3213786e2e1b
101 points

Instead of killing his catch-of-the-day.. he has carried it around for ~24hr now showing it to everyone, keeping it alive

Preview 6f838384 34c5 444d b20e bc239799cdfa

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