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Just a cat with beard.

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8 points

He decided to sit on top of her, because she was in his spot.

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Cats are awesome

Preview c6e11178 1d32 44a0 bb8b 1d094f192199
23 points

Does anyone know what breed of bat this is?

Preview 24a32547 7bac 48e9 a3a4 9847cb35c169
172 points

Unique dual-colored eyes

Preview 819360a1 c5f3 49a9 b2fc a5b75e557783
23 points

Laugh my ass off!!!!

Preview 830551c5 c9e9 43c8 bff3 60900a037a42
23 points

Clever cat can solve your problems

Preview b43dec39 c489 4797 aa5a 1f3c54619ad9
16 points

"Don't you ever sneak up on me again!"

Preview 7f2cac20 0872 4757 aa9e d420e6adb67e
11 points

A bird said 'beep' at the window

Preview b0ae41b2 1b93 4741 8838 d523e613391d

Cuddling level : 99999

Preview 896b8d4a 4045 40bf 8026 89a38f1a0ca0
10 points

Neighbour cat has bells on her collar

Preview 4b09a645 3f35 4f70 9450 87563b05e728

He met the family dog

Preview 555314f8 42e9 4406 b8e5 bbe0af65ec30

Properly organized fox storage

Preview fa84e44c 9be3 453d a74e 8b58723dc270
8 points

I don't know..!!

Preview 8bac3d2b 5428 4c4a a216 9243ecdd0f9d
8 points

Meet my cookie monster.

Preview 15146347 6e3e 4776 8c28 45b031534e3c
18 points

Guess who will keep me company today

Preview 612bda1a dd86 4950 8771 66dfaf483989
22 points

When you're late for running up and down the hallway

Preview 673dd721 f46b 4f76 b853 aeeb98cbc49a
72 points

Found him on the side of the road infested with maggots when he was about 5 weeks old. Now he is my handsome 5 year old :')

Preview 30e8e01e 0e7b 4546 8585 99c8954b6645
100 points

Got a new friend today

Preview d4553921 cc5e 43b5 bb87 2a1a1a85a80e
16 points

My new best friend

Preview ace004aa ddee 41ce b513 5ab5e11717a0
17 points

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