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Follows A Skier Traveling Through North Korea In This Visually Stunning Documentary

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"Americans Are Dumber Than The Rest Of The World," Is It True? This Test Tries To Find It Out

266 points

Donald Trump Singing "Shape Of You" By Ed Sheeran Is Absolutely Amazing!

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The Oscars 2017 Nominated Movies Get Their Deserved Honest Trailers


Martial Arts Master Shows You The Way To Defend Donald Trump's Handshake

333 points

Guy's Sweet New Single "Spicy Boyfriend" Sounds So Carefree And Joyful To Listen!

192 points

I wonder where did he get it from....

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Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the President of The United States of America.

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Trump Greets the Public

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"America First, But Denmark Second!" The Danish Trolls Trump Like Other European Countries Do, Still Epic

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Ellen DeGeneres Uses "Finding Dory" To Criticize Donald Trump's Travel Ban


Trump's family in one gif

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Trump irl

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Johnny Depp Does A Great Donald Trump Impersonation

225 points

Trumps first act as Empero- President of the USA.

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Trump for president 2015!

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What Happens If We Have A Nuclear War?

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Donald Trump Gets A Presidential Makeover And The Transformation Is Striking

243 points

Glad trump won

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Darth trump

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