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When did Sauron leave Middle Earth ?

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5 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

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14 points

Overlooking the Bosphorus from Istanbul

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13 points

Modern houseboat in Berlin

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16 points

17th century assassins poison cabinet disguised as a book

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24 points

Well that escalated quickly

Preview ade77437 3405 4e5b a9bb 61dd41a10289

I spend 2,5 months on a 3D artwork, it's called 6088AD

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73 points

Is your fridge running?

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18 points

Umm... I’ll just wait until I get home

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18 points

Perfectly flat floor, designed to stop people from running in the hallway

Preview b8033372 5bb3 45a6 b1cb c8359be3c637
15 points

Another WWII bunker....Who wants to come with me next time ?

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A dog house under stairs

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Every day, at the same time, she waits for him. He comes… and they go for a walk.

Preview 63f6b895 3645 4a19 a86e 7818d1b01342
20 points

It didn't seem to do much good for the last guy who stayed here.

Preview 838ecac1 b2f5 4a76 a830 956eda7b46e5
21 points

Log Cabin sunroom in Virginia

Preview d8d7b825 c43f 4058 b73a 8163eec096fb
15 points

Not all heroes wear caps

Preview 9ffdfbb3 8197 4d1c b935 9baff9700479
16 points

Flat floor designed to stop people from running!!

Preview 7c3a1f0a fcf0 46a6 9738 617de4c97dc3
14 points

Trailer Class

Preview bd374d32 a188 4704 b8c0 7747fbb0f043
23 points

Close the door please

Preview 873ee327 d8ca 46f2 8dbb 74dc2930b799
14 points

OM1 residence, Mexico City

Preview fdf9498c 64fd 4934 8a6f afcd43c6d447
11 points

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