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This seems as good a place as any.

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92 points

I made a corner of the winter garden

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72 points

Skeleton of a frog that got stuck between the door jamb

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101 points

I asked my boss what kind of designation markers she wanted for the two new bathrooms in the office. She ordered these.

Preview 2538af01 d02c 444e aedf a32c04af0baf
97 points

1413 House / HARQUITECTES, Spain, 2017

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72 points

Case Inlet Residence, Washington, USA

Preview 4abf5f58 735f 4a2c b1af 7193e5608af3
52 points

The Smith House, Connecticut

Preview 4ef6da31 ee96 44f1 88ae ce8d22cbd742
23 points

Hotel Revier / Carlos Martinez Architekten, Switzerland, 2017

Preview 6a7b6bcb f7e6 4e13 bdd7 b29cda4625e7
65 points

Shut up & take my money

Preview 875b0e5a beaa 4210 80a7 ab7a1f008810
86 points

My stalker at work.

Preview 9b5f0265 2dfb 461d 817d fc81392cb60f
66 points

Miralta House / Vasco Lopes Arquitetura, Brazil, 2017

Preview 16628328 330a 4bb4 9021 f30655a32cdf
57 points

Twin Houses / Olimpia Lira, Chile, 2017

Preview 0a3f5084 b64e 4615 8242 aa7501b6b05d
102 points

How to do a balloon drop with an inwards swinging door??

Preview 1345af0d 9399 40fc ad5a e89e53d12ae4
113 points

Bedroom in Beverly Hills home designed by architect James Schmidt

Preview 55c062a2 d18c 477d 8c3c 9dceb22ff401
48 points

Meeting room in a public library. Palo Alto, CA.

Preview e45fa36c 041f 4647 b978 36fdd6564e0c
66 points

The comeback to end all comebacks.

Preview 72270001 8aa7 4f62 8019 938cc810dc22
124 points

A Swedish apartment

Preview 8172138e 9dcf 44b5 8cfc e75f72d666e4
39 points

Just paint over the geckos

Preview 889e129e 2eb8 425a af2f 15a920ab8f31
65 points

Elon Musk in 2 years

Preview 253d5835 4d76 43b7 8bc4 ec3c487fbc37
70 points

Simple dining area with a view in a rustic cabin on a gently wooded site that slopes down towards Lake Vermilion, northeastern Minnesota

Preview 1b9c939d 2b77 419b 8213 b221b671b2fc
74 points

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