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Went on a 2 Week Long trip and forgot the house key in the front Door. came home to an intact house. justdenmarkthings

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Today is the 22nd anniversary of when Homer Simpson started painting the car-hole.

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May I present you: Pepachu

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Thats what she said

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No, get out

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Porta potti party

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My cat was missing for several hours, until I got a call from my neighbor...

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The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected

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I wonder what the code is

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Front window of a house I walked past yesterday.

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Heavy breathing...

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This guy

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Fk this

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Owsome Look Doorway in Norway

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Margot Robbie naked is literally the definition of sexy

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Just why?

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A Real Border of Belgium and Netherlands.(the cross line).Belgium(Left)Netherlands(Right).

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Hello there

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This Video Will Be Very Important One Day

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Dream Closet in Utah

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