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Simple dining area with a view in a rustic cabin on a gently wooded site that slopes down towards Lake Vermilion, northeastern Minnesota

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58 points

Low Furniture = Affordable, Tall Ceiling that features Outdoor Garden and fills Wood + Brick Interior w/ Natural Light | Hackney, London

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107 points

Living Room in Queenstown, New Zealand

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23 points

Just moved in, still unpacking. Nap zone.

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81 points

When you are just too good at hide and seek

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86 points

Every time my girlfriend and I go on vacation we buy one of these signs to put on my roommates door. He’s a 25 year old guy.

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75 points

Bathroom with floor to ceiling windows by the pool in a lakeside holiday home on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

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61 points

Future is coming...

Preview f0ad654a 3bd7 4c64 9eda a08bca4c0295
66 points

500 W. 2nd St. Austin, TX. 14th Floor.

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92 points

This adorable Husky hangs out in the window every night I walk home

Preview 41eb971b 61a4 46d6 bb1f d6dd3850ba52
76 points

Do I have your attention now? More peanuts, please.

Preview f2dd70ee 907d 4afd 930f 84efb044632e

Lazy cat

Preview 4039872e f486 4cf8 92ff a348a6f56a56
24 points

In St. Augustine we are polite but we mean it

Preview a47ce0ba d8ed 480e b394 1f6ac80f9806
58 points

He's just hanging out for the holidays

Preview d525ec9a 94cb 41b8 a93e 8e7402d49d57
66 points

My cousin's front door

Preview bd57e6fb 9b95 4a3e b38b be0d1218eda6
24 points

Why my city wife refuses to go into my country parents' back yard.

Preview b1fc02b2 54cb 4a1d beb3 966aa0dc1b18
47 points

17th century assassins poison cabinets desguised as books

Preview 4ba5f87d cba2 4711 bc92 11fc4991bef4
48 points

Doggo friendly fence.

Preview ed1d921d 43c4 4247 a204 72e831253d3d
15 points

I'm safety boi

Preview 0449d89b 4815 4cff 8975 08dd7bb3c2ea
17 points

Minimalist entry hall in a house in Bel Air

Preview a0927df8 92c0 42f6 bb76 53f3021d54e6
19 points

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