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Hallway Porn? Atrium in Modern Home

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18 points

Serene Dining by a Private Pond in Colorado, USA

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13 points

Meth Head Mickey And The Missing Door Prank Call


Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

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124 points

29 square meter loft apartment features a staircase bookshelf and a sleeping nook above living space - located in Wroclaw, Poland.

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103 points

My mom lives on the 12th floor and the condo above her was having a party when she saw this out her window ....

Preview 0dacd47e 5d84 4812 a2dd 9388e5fb91b4
90 points

A polar bear broke into a hotel in Svalbard.

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This seems as good a place as any.

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107 points

I made a corner of the winter garden

Preview 2206e2c7 9a7a 4084 aa5e 0e45b2404e87
85 points

Skeleton of a frog that got stuck between the door jamb

Preview 8e09fc45 662a 4dd4 b167 1b3d87582b47
109 points

I asked my boss what kind of designation markers she wanted for the two new bathrooms in the office. She ordered these.

Preview 2538af01 d02c 444e aedf a32c04af0baf
118 points

1413 House / HARQUITECTES, Spain, 2017

Preview 8d15d541 60a0 486d a294 b7d2c5ea3a27
110 points

Case Inlet Residence, Washington, USA

Preview 4abf5f58 735f 4a2c b1af 7193e5608af3
62 points

The Smith House, Connecticut

Preview 4ef6da31 ee96 44f1 88ae ce8d22cbd742
72 points

Hotel Revier / Carlos Martinez Architekten, Switzerland, 2017

Preview 6a7b6bcb f7e6 4e13 bdd7 b29cda4625e7
79 points

Shut up & take my money

Preview 875b0e5a beaa 4210 80a7 ab7a1f008810
97 points

My stalker at work.

Preview 9b5f0265 2dfb 461d 817d fc81392cb60f
75 points

Miralta House / Vasco Lopes Arquitetura, Brazil, 2017

Preview 16628328 330a 4bb4 9021 f30655a32cdf
76 points

Twin Houses / Olimpia Lira, Chile, 2017

Preview 0a3f5084 b64e 4615 8242 aa7501b6b05d
110 points

How to do a balloon drop with an inwards swinging door??

Preview 1345af0d 9399 40fc ad5a e89e53d12ae4
128 points

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