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My cousin's front door

Preview bd57e6fb 9b95 4a3e b38b be0d1218eda6
35 points

Umm... I’ll just wait until I get home

Preview 03d6756b 1cee 4696 9609 24065eb01299
57 points

Another WWII bunker....Who wants to come with me next time ?

Preview 5567a41d 85fe 4d5f 82fe 78937006238f

Law is clear about not having tanks indoors so...

Preview e488ee2f b7c8 46af 9671 d06c6953df57
113 points

I heard you need some WOW

Preview 36e3d9db 2adc 4b7d a367 7598c2bc6de0
58 points

My name is Ezio Meowditore da Firenze. Like my father before me, I am a catssassin

Preview b2cc8834 d429 4b2e b69e f5cc1b3b7781
78 points

This is our new sign for the IT department that my coworkers made today.

Preview 4af8c122 09cf 4719 b857 6e772a496270
57 points

Let's play a game !

Preview 4d23fc33 5081 4fee 8a47 06ad99ff9276
66 points

When the pizza arrives but you're high af

Preview 648e8124 cd0e 403b a9bb 79564ed40f7b
52 points

Genius idea

Preview 7a0f5952 2c5d 4c87 844b 8cce8cbcafcc
22 points

Sunlight through this glass doorknob started a housefire

Preview 03489a59 6f8c 48f8 bd0c 83dc64e33ddd
13 points


Preview a408b096 1d6b 4a75 95b7 7c562d08e856
19 points

I see your equality and I raise you

Preview 20139666 f0af 4a05 88f3 a25d31737f7e
22 points

Thats what she said

Preview 44d48606 df26 40e7 8f00 3ef8bb25b3a1
54 points
Preview 30e26b63 e1fe 4f6b 8514 a31e57c9d3d7
169 points

Porta potti party

Preview 50545632 b0fa 49cd b994 1fb9707d066a
15 points

Owsome Look Doorway in Norway

Preview c8bf1bc4 f7e4 42e8 9b79 7558d0850860
278 points

A Real Border of Belgium and Netherlands.(the cross line).Belgium(Left)Netherlands(Right).

Preview 838e087e 4561 411b 814e 8e73ed655b6b
272 points

My gf thought that I won't be able to install a door, joke on her

Preview 41aad669 532b 47a6 81a4 be8bbbe67fde
125 points

Training camp for jahovah

Preview d2f58f7b ad8e 4f81 8930 a9a6915ea70f
298 points

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