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HK 360°

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Great piece of art in my city

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12 points

Good grip

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On the edge with the entire city below

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Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

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16 points

Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

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I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

Preview d4b77d42 f7e7 4ceb aa10 711538ad8e6a
20 points

This flying saucer

Preview b6712b92 c2e1 42d7 acc8 a1ac15d1022c

Skyscrapers of Dubai poking through the fog.

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20 points

This waiting room in a New York hotel

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53 points

The Chicago Air and Water Show is much better from my cousin's apartment

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83 points

Russian sidewalk

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Preview dff1f9f0 a0fc 4f22 a05e e0333ae3ac2c

The Moon over the highest bridge in Poland

Preview a7319628 d551 4c34 9925 ee0442bf565e

Lightning strike in Kuala Lumpur

Preview fe8465e7 ec52 42ad a426 5e7b1eb58c8c
20 points

Wetting people faces


This building looks 2D

Preview 41946cba 893e 44e7 a979 abf521b42c36
22 points


Preview 80684e2d 337b 407d 9384 c50f59384fb4
179 points

When you hear someone talking shit behind your back

Preview 07d0b9f2 509b 49e8 ab2e e7f7110f0404
7 points

Watch out! Art is highly addictive

Preview 02e1c559 35f0 4769 b4bd d5807eee9e35
89 points

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