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Sammie. He belongs to a woman I used to take care of a couple years ago.

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My Cat Looking Startled About Wearing a Cat Hat

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11 points

What do you think about My cat Louie?

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13 points

This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

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20 points

My cat took a selfie

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Pink beans

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13 points

Look, the lead singer cat for KISS

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18 points

This tiny rabbit ist more beautiful than most people

Preview 0e949e56 5abf 404b 8c2e 0321c7ccd392
70 points

He heard the tv and some handcuffs getting "clacked" on. How dare they

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20 points

Pretty little kitten with a flower crown

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15 points

Always the same

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22 points

Daily dose of cuteness

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18 points

Oh no, it's happening!

Preview 474fa9bd 5824 4124 a6b0 996de340a7df
20 points

Cute cat looking at you with longingly with appreciation and love..

Preview f09eb0ab faa7 4527 a359 cae8af667ebd
18 points

The pre-startled face

Preview 6f119b42 8250 4262 9980 eaafb62a529d
16 points

My Best friend went to sleep 4ever yesterday, I miss her so much

Preview 4e7b6414 492a 445a b602 4a9a00ddb9c6
21 points

Every single night

Preview 73798bea 0581 4afc 97fc 5ce3280acfe8
68 points

We had an empty bed. This wasn't necessary.

Preview 84d9c40c ec0c 4af3 b1b6 0cf4ba1e25fe

Her mother was killed by a car. Now my gf takes care of her

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11 points

Found this homeless cat

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