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You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

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54 points

'Nam flashback

Preview 8dc0429e b368 46dd 8cf3 2192fa43c644
66 points

My daughter sneezed.

Preview b5d738ba 3389 4ea1 bc63 3fae66c8c823
24 points

My cat's face when he's not sure whether to be an asshole or not.

Preview 99b5577d 5828 49d6 b7ba b993e7bc0cc5
48 points

Can relate

Preview 2391ea99 ea3c 4bf4 bf85 234ffb35bdd3
24 points

His face when I brought out his toy

Preview a1547528 95b6 4aad accd b50369cc9fb2
41 points

Izzy just realized that it's 2018

Preview cfb2fe9d 36e2 476a a664 b990fdc74ba6
15 points

Stella does a startle with bell toy.

Preview 051adf62 5a54 4d4a 820b fe392e2f2a62
16 points


Preview dda65888 1488 4d19 8820 6882fd3acab4
48 points

That's not a bird...

Preview 2c7fb9d5 1cec 414e b2f8 16a61bc20c89
17 points

This is lucky. he was a weirdo but also very loveable for a pet that use to be abused by his previous owners. RIP

Preview 691ed240 1422 4637 98c7 ecc5a53f62a1
20 points

Frank? Don't mind him. He's fine.

Preview b6f2d520 ff10 40ec abf6 d208ec3e5bc7

I'm just gonna sit here

Preview 57a8794e c87c 41b5 a59a e5cfc8225765


Preview d083ce1e b849 48cb b59f 7205408e3b9f
47 points

Just my girlfriends dog.

Preview a58fea4c c1bd 4a6d ace5 430bc4902911
22 points

What you gonna do?

Preview 8fe65435 4e38 4f74 bd78 0fab8ac6d778
15 points

'Tis the season of giving <3

Preview db6a02da 1ef7 4521 b2e9 214c11843bb7
17 points

I'm sorry to bother you!

Preview 24bf86c3 7bf1 4525 9c10 7a12450b5001
18 points

"Cats love it"

Preview 8e21bbc9 0888 48e1 a47c d156b9907e6e
52 points

Manly as heck

Preview 9a3bba75 bab0 41be a7fc 2edf37680318
17 points

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