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Back to school

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13 points

It rhymes, so it must be true.

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12 points

Roses are red...

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5 points

How to handle the parking problem

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20 points

This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.

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21 points

Shop closes for a pox eclipse

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14 points

One example of a great marketing

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9 points

Just moved into the neighborhood and got a big welcome from these guys.

Preview 9551cf60 5219 42d2 b803 f3829ad40f76
21 points

Ran across this cool looking van on my morning walk

Preview 8ad21e5b a133 41bf bf4b 94efe7eb274f
20 points

This guy I saw in Denver

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10 points

You were warned!

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11 points

She gets it.

Preview 25210084 e706 4d0f 9e85 ef69c66c4e57
19 points

Flag vs. Fire

Preview 162503db c3d5 49b6 8e3b d2e9426225ea
19 points

............white a minute.

Preview cbbfac86 d28c 4a4a 981d 325a0aeb22fd
10 points

Beware of suicidal cyclists

Preview e872457b e702 4651 9f0c bcc4c862bc43
9 points

New attraction at Legoland seems suspect to me.

Preview 5949cf7a b8d8 478f 9675 20546a533fb4
9 points

Bomb Threat in the Tenderloin SF

Preview 5c9e0c0e f9dc 4916 92ee f2eebdd4f6df
18 points

Always be a kid inside

Preview 9d05ec3a a0dc 40b6 9586 6cf4125935fa
19 points

Love bug infestation of SE Texas, as seen by by the splatter on this Fedex truck.

Preview 4e7b6a78 c133 47d2 8e6d e34cfdb90006
14 points

Found this gem today

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