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This police car in my town

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10 points

Kid at farmers market giving the people what they really need

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9 points

This guy

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8 points

If the Earth is flat, how do we have waterfalls?

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73 points

The perfect place for a proposal...

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12 points

Seems legit....

Preview 77c42f6a de5a 4a47 b257 7c601def46c6
13 points

Can't argue with that logic

Preview d1d03443 848d 464c a8fb a82e97a3e503
14 points

Nothing makes sense anymore!!

Preview fe0de9e9 af56 4e17 90ad 0070af106f01
9 points

Corn Maze for Dummies

Preview 82c7a164 3695 4f53 97ad ee0f7028306b
12 points

Saw this today in Austria

Preview bc27bd7c 6425 402c 91eb 047e203e3bcf
15 points

Someone is big fan of "Taxi" movie (found in Poland)

Preview 8fdaa279 ff77 4a8d b8d9 ace8232e99db
14 points

Dog takes tent by force and taunts ‘owners.’

Preview d9ce51b1 461e 4da5 882a f391b7d972a5

My local dairy queen everyone.

Preview 9cccb142 4be1 49b6 992a 9b3e205fdfb4
14 points

At the local baseball park

Preview 71659227 6708 4ab1 91a6 839ef15f6028
80 points

Finally a cause I can fully support.

Preview 6ca624fa 942d 4c07 bb68 9ade09f65c77
11 points

Night in Split, Croatia...

Preview 5089e0ac 55c6 4ec3 a3dc 462a92f4fa3f
17 points

Murica on one picture (the gun is surely inside)

Preview 4d2f6669 186e 448d b021 bab171ab9f20

I aspire to be as happy as this dog

Preview 9c3b84fc 1645 4e2d 86f8 9efd8d865b47
98 points

I met this dude in EXIT festival in Serbia lets help him see himself

Preview c9b66133 3650 4b01 a0d4 322dee577e49
15 points

Practice makes perfect

Preview 9b1fdf12 d7b7 4e9a a2e3 ac81edefff33
14 points

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