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Murica on one picture (the gun is surely inside)

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I aspire to be as happy as this dog

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14 points

I met this dude in EXIT festival in Serbia lets help him see himself

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11 points

Practice makes perfect

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11 points

I'm cool with it !

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3 points

Yea why the heck not

Preview ba74613e 785e 4b3b b6eb 0ad9e7810ba1
5 points

Tanks are getting Smarter

Preview f97834f4 54d2 4a44 9ba9 80de16627028
6 points

Just overthrowing capitalism, one Apple iPhone 7 selfie at a time.

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1 points

This persons license plate is the hex code for the exact shade of blue their car is.

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3 points

Barbie dream what???

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217 points
Preview 43b38e5b 8bf1 4acc a4a9 845e99cdb187
195 points

I think its time to buy a shotgun.

Preview d68d063e 9088 4cd4 87fa 057658c72abf
147 points

Give this man a cookie!

Preview 467c9102 8be9 4975 b553 8eb774461b23
168 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

Preview 824dadc2 75fb 4174 ad04 80be90923956
134 points

Barbie dream what???

Preview 70af8faa 07e3 4e6c 90d7 cf3fe859d6b7
194 points

And then we become pickles

Preview 12fd43a2 70c8 4655 a7c2 62292209defc
247 points

My wife's motto

Preview 391b8b4b 696e 4853 8d3a 4b797107143c
156 points

Spot the Canadian

Preview 8d0ddad8 276e 4c78 89f5 f765d96a2720
129 points

True true

Preview 1b90d5d0 67ec 4b36 b0f7 acc3290753c5
125 points

A glitch in the matrix

Preview 481d758f f735 4995 ba57 cf56cd73587f
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