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hey pal

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HONEY...how many of these are there?

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It's possible

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I made an epic orchestra piece out of an EMOJI! See what it sounds like... 💯👌🏼



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Self-defence for Gentlemen..

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Friend did this awesome drawing of a Leshen from The Witcher 3

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9 points

Can You Guess Which One Is Real? It Is Unbelievable That One Of Them Is Hand-Drawn!

96 points

Always a Little Worrying...

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Tips on how to take care of a baby! (Not really)

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Its not what it looks like you know

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Trolley problem #2

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When she's obsessed with your beard.

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4 points

Describe your post

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Man's best friend

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My luck

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Some history...

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I just found my old Hitllerina drawing... WTF younger me

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