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Childhood ruined

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62 points

Oh God...

Preview 4f18002b 510d 4b04 8161 cf5d09a438f8
70 points

My favorite anthro-related Far Side comic

Preview c21a3e93 7408 4b29 98b4 8b275539ac84
122 points

Lemon squeezing...

Preview cf7473a6 39ec 42a7 934d 833621f34a78
124 points

What happens when I tell people I'm color blind

Preview 92ff4e64 969d 4fe6 9a25 d67654dad555
100 points

Funny, but deep shit?

Preview 9e85cdd6 dc17 4070 91dd 262f5bc7ed0e
79 points

Best Positions for Couples

Preview 9667d930 a847 4642 b8dd c6280618b37b
87 points

Happy Star Wars Day, Reddit.

Preview 33d70f07 f43b 426b 9276 1abcf12520cb
66 points

too easy mac

Preview 14b00bbb 89e8 4425 ad8f df8f8c1dfb9a
70 points

The Texorcist

Preview 9e29b97c f728 41b1 96a0 6559ce145728
79 points

"Here is a drawing. It was drawn with pen on a piece of paper by a person and it is here now. End of description."

Preview edd79122 d32c 464c 92b9 ac369fd29744
89 points

My grandma thought this was hilarious

Preview c9ec487e 9237 4bf3 bf7e c00aae29cf82
108 points

Why is it taking so long to fix?

Preview 9d438f28 042d 4672 b3bc f1642b1cd0d7
65 points

Terrifying... Yet Durable.

Preview 15a8f565 3c60 45f5 8762 f68fbb74cc45
72 points

Lucky Penny

Preview f91e40ff e782 4d17 b8af 544705ac2931
126 points

One day, Donkey fell down a hole...

Preview cfcd7678 2ba3 4d6e bfd1 01cc6a881f42

Girls phone number

Preview 36827e78 2e73 4157 8a8b 3a4b4be3aa13
89 points

spooky spoons

Preview 6ae3c414 5f42 4e36 a75a 85d82cd0ca72
95 points

if babies were reasonable people

Preview 2e051307 25d1 406e 8adc 24394355c9a6
75 points

A graphic that's becomes 20x funnier if you call it a Venn Diagram

Preview 99339278 12f8 4d2e a575 a9ed668f34c1
75 points

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