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Friend did this awesome drawing of a Leshen from The Witcher 3

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8 points

Can You Guess Which One Is Real? It Is Unbelievable That One Of Them Is Hand-Drawn!

83 points

Man's best friend

Preview a520152d 7335 4f2f 82fd d2bf88615cdb
1 points

My luck

Preview 061e4704 d2ed 49ec 8d75 f7280b5d0c29
2 points

Some history...

Preview 08e5f82f a604 4a2a b284 1cdc6b40e703
1 points

I just found my old Hitllerina drawing... WTF younger me

Preview 295a27d3 15be 4380 b6b6 afbe41da8a40
1 points

It's now stuck in your head

Preview 102e9506 9ec8 43db af66 a24f68ab3a37
1 points

The ultimate prank.

Preview 44f64ec3 7137 4ae0 b92f c03c747b9e87
2 points

My favourite Assassins Creed

Preview 008a28f7 e691 466f bc8b fef013f4a420
1 points

Life is like a box of chocolate :l

Preview 81e9c16d 8255 486f 92ff ed66336ccde7

Is that how an alien would wear pants

Preview 4c9bf21f c087 4aed a868 98a585457a06
4 points

Fresh-air breathing device and method for use during a fire

Preview f3d14beb 39ae 4a25 91e9 d76a05d1f0d9
0 points

Me when someone I hate ask me for help

Preview ff9e788e d92a 485e b92d 4acaa55142f2
2 points

How I imagine my adulthood

Preview f844ff25 c2ad 47ba b131 b9150eeedd74
9 points

Increasingly Verbose Pepe

Preview 00faf0e9 6671 433a 8e72 330f86384c56
1 points

The first pages of my original comics. Hope you guys like it!

Preview 10635747 31db 45ed b894 06386caebf1b
1 points

Why I pay with paypal ?

Preview dab68954 f2ad 4748 a651 482f3e522222
2 points

Oh, Canada

Preview 4b485052 b3e9 4384 9624 f6dd376894a9
2 points

Ever heard of the rodeo sex position?

Preview 424fbc60 6a53 475c b95e 8b129d2f38b7
2 points

Short girls problem.

Preview 3e52ba93 f93e 402c aed9 2d5b80f8dc8b
1 points

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