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A friend of mine married yesterday, this is his wedding cake.

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16 points

She looked like Attila the Hun

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14 points

Photo Bomb Wedding photo Ruined

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15 points

Kina Shen From China Is A Human Gothic Barbie

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1 points

You ain't gona be cold tonight bro, I got this!

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56 points

When I say I like memes...

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7 points

What happens when you book your wedding in the same venue as a fetish convention

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91 points

Perfect woman doesn't exi...

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89 points

Uberpool of the White Walkers

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115 points

Nice handbag

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Delightfully disturbing porcelain carnage, by Scottish artist Jessica Harrison

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2 points

Rachel Cook

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6 points

Best Buttfcuk?

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4 points

36 Amazing Facts About the 36 Genders


Rate my new shirt

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6 points

When puberty hits you hard

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16 points

Mannequin Maid of Honor

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