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I'll take a Mr. Clean on the rocks, please.

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19 points

Food served on a polished shovel

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24 points

Found this in the bottom of my mug. Nice work

Preview 20e990d9 8482 4c59 974c 62da2b60b775
22 points

McDonalds new cup

Preview 9df80dd8 28cb 4640 9d17 a2c00d251e3e
19 points

Cheers to all you beautiful bastards.

Preview faa752a0 a019 4620 8ff8 a87cc821903e
19 points

Technically she is not wrong

Preview 9d4b32d9 5ba8 4bcb 868a 2ebc1d13220d
18 points

Just wonderful.

Preview adabc372 d929 4a01 86ca 95ba3fd54a14
16 points

Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

Preview 3c432ec2 08d0 45ca a1d6 4d418f1ac91d
22 points

Eclipse viewer

Preview c253d89a 9797 40de 9da1 ab89094b0500
22 points

As a German I agree

Preview 9ef5fd39 fb92 4eb2 bca4 5382f451e9bf

Its my turn to upload this.

Preview 671e416a 885c 4a37 bfa3 bff2aa20c14c
18 points

Someone drew the map of middle-earth on a Starbucks cup

Preview 892d0ea0 2a98 47a9 9af7 7ddbbae4c44b
17 points

Where's my dinner? :(

Preview ae722f0e 8a80 4bcf 9b8f fd76f832dd39
10 points

Jesus, my favourite Jew.

Preview b8a3d730 6387 47c9 bec1 871ee7042232
4 points

Somebody once

Preview 10fc9bac 6273 4364 8c67 bf9d2a3d1dbd
2 points

Ain't this the truth

Preview 4221754e c35c 475a b949 791bdf19bd99
2 points

Don't ruin my tea!! milk goes in last!!!

Preview 44018ee5 b9f3 419c a38a be04b671f2f2
20 points

Here, have a post with free pornographic related tags

Preview b8a2e0ce e7ae 4478 899d ac893fb0e819
23 points

The most morbid tea bag

Preview e3055de6 e5cb 4d81 a8a7 ec3e2cb97b4c
14 points

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma in an easy-to-open can.

Preview 618f3741 3839 48a5 aa48 756749ec69f3
18 points

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