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My friend really wants this cup...

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11 points

Inverted Perspective

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8 points


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10 points

"This assignment can't be done in one night" - teacher

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66 points

In Italy, I found this beer that was totally out of mein comfort zone!

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12 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

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51 points

Inverted Perspective

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9 points

Why didn't m&m make it as their product???

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12 points

Proud to be slav

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13 points

F*cking vegans

Preview dc44559e 619d 4569 b9cf ede112d3cc57
12 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

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51 points

This mug my dad gave me is the greatest little gadget I've ever had

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87 points

Barista ain't koi about her skills.

Preview cd58c396 16a2 4bab b32d 3e415002a70a
63 points

Pekin, IL, Home of the Chinks high school teams

Preview 9f2ca198 5daa 4ff8 baaf e56583d26e5a
12 points

New Dad Achievement: Unlocked...

Preview 024cb95d a004 422c 93a6 66f09eb40441
14 points

Meals ready to eat.

Preview 70a8f4eb a224 4f07 93c5 211bed72a16f
13 points

My brother hands me this last night. Apparently it was my grandfather's. It's his stool sample.

Preview 6c802aba 74f9 4bd4 a7f2 63c0ced78110
72 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

Preview 89aa40d1 e046 4776 842e ab8a1d2f52fd
72 points

This ice in my drink

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11 points


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7 points

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