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I had to do a double take when I saw the condiments at this restaurant.

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(Not Mine)

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63 points

My co-worker's tip last night

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22 points

One year ago, I left my life behind I alienated my family, moved to a new country, all to chase my dreams. And now, it's all worth it.

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24 points

The beautiful gradation of this coffee drink

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16 points

Once you plorp... chips am food!

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63 points

Me in a nutshell

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22 points

Cup of water going down.

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A few bugs when opening the cabin

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15 points

Best bartender in the world

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13 points

Found at a store...Possum Oil Cure-all from Progresso, Mexico.

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19 points

This bartender making me a drink

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Cool room under a busy pub. Kegs and tubing for all beers on tap.

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70 points

Simple fly or mosquito trap - syrup, water, soap (destroys surface tention)

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24 points

Friend found this in a liquor store.

Preview fda4fddb f2ce 4914 a36b 42df55aae21e
17 points

It's called a tasting and its classy

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17 points

Found my cat drunk af!

Preview 0fe288e6 a7ed 4044 8774 7af9cf81fd9f
17 points

So I horked this out of my right nostril, am I dying?

Preview 03edad7d 97f7 469f 9af0 cea116a1636c
20 points

Well, cheers!

Preview 2190d212 c334 4185 aa40 3e25503eedfa
62 points

My wifes beer she almost drank

Preview c58c8a1d 52b3 40f6 8be8 339378613aef
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