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Meals ready to eat.

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My brother hands me this last night. Apparently it was my grandfather's. It's his stool sample.

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Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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This ice in my drink

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Enjoy life

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Rattlesnake in toilet

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I took an awesome shot in Paris, thought I'd share with you all.

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21 people who flawlessly recreated their childhood photos

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She just points to the cup whenever I try and start a conversation in the morning

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At a coffee shop in Constanta, Romania

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The way this lemon holds the coke

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Americans be like: "Enjoy your beer."

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Since everyone is discovering Shoebills I want them to know they are cold heartless monsters


The Fail is real with this guy trying to show off


If her age is on the clock...

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A little bit of art for you :}

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What the Hell?

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They make Mortal Kombat beer!

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Bar Tricks Bets For You To Win Free Drinks Easily

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