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Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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82 points

This lady's insanely full car

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74 points

Wrap it up, I’ll take it

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64 points

Spotted near the Mexican border in San Diego...

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70 points

Nice car, how’d you get it?

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77 points

Glad to know it enjoys it

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74 points

South Carolina Dept of Transportation

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61 points

Always remember to look under the hood before buying a used car

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51 points

Why do you have to such a

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42 points

Watched them throw it out and walk to the store

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58 points

The shit you see driving around Washington D.C.

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16 points

How to spot a 90's kid!

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20 points

Ever seen a half melting car?

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21 points

Christmas Take Out

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54 points

Started 2018 off with a “sign”....

Preview 4734b59f 9e9c 4594 a7f2 fa09b2b57a83
24 points

Just another day in California

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21 points

When you ask what else could go wrong today

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20 points

Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

Preview a8198564 1c27 4f0e bf19 335b262aaa31
49 points

Well... I guess that’s one way to do it

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39 points


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