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I don't think he has enough skulls.

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The countryball ambulance is coming

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Celica GT

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48 points

Parking at its finest!

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12 points

Guess I'm not getting my oil changed.

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10 points

He has this painted on both sides of his truck too.

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68 points

My concept of beauty, they don't make them like this anymore.

Preview 0f8538d7 7c83 4b8d b91e 441f1dbd196b
42 points

Mind blown

Preview bd2d85bb 6530 457d a195 8a6328467c34
11 points

The infrastructure in Detroit appears solid

Preview 66b0ac3b 38ee 482c b0fd 9c6479da8f4c
12 points

Seems legit....

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71 points

For all you muscle car junkies, here's my baby

Preview 48e2563b 6419 4418 a701 c9500aa8c11f
13 points

My dad finally got his dream car! Corvette 1959 restored and modified completely

Preview 968bbd0f 6c98 4552 8b69 a8c49ec81b7b
13 points

Show me the CarFox

Preview 61ef73ea af10 454a af9a eb05fe3acf4c
13 points

Hussar Biker

Preview 43aa6a5b ddb7 4b2b a758 9db832a2651a
48 points

Made from an old golf cart

Preview 49b41e8c 786a 4a52 bd94 daa20914f7c1
13 points

Corvette C2 anyone ?

Preview 97646e6c e190 4c39 9042 a7d875fcbeb0
12 points

This Cars live in 2050 while we live in 2017

Preview 7d646bd0 d0e5 41ac a050 5039229581d0
11 points

Zonda Cinque in this beautiful Spec

Preview bdb8c87e b801 48e6 8854 bffb29539660
10 points

So, this isn't how you're supposed to paint prep your vehicle?

Preview fbbc5c25 d3fc 459b 9d8c 7d6ddca4a4df
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