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Very bad people !

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Doggo road trip

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Well, I guess that's one way to do it

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95 points

Shoots six warning shots in the face

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95 points

Why can't you just be normal?

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91 points

Every few years Tom Hanks plays a slightly more serious Captain.

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98 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

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60 points

Straight up used his brothers head as a seat to get a better view of outside world

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This lady's insanely full car

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81 points

3 Co-drivers

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57 points

Sooo saddddd !!!

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41 points

Today on my flight it was a passengers birthday, so a flight attendant made him a crown out of peanut bags and those little swords that they put in cocktail drinks.

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88 points

Pilot life is the happy life

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71 points

One year later, face transplant recipient just a normal guy.

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Crazy Fleas In TV Lady Prank Call


Can't trust anyone these days...

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22 points

Didn't see this as a listed option on the window sticker

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33 points

My first ever post. Hope you guys like it.

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