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I seriously felt like Indiana Jones placing the sandbag to nab the priceless gem when in reality I was slipping a wedge of pita wrap in my boys face whilst he was sleeping #dadoftheyear

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92 points

What a shitty car

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101 points


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87 points

Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto

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98 points

Goddamnit Linda

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86 points

Just a woman on a public bus smoking heroin off of tinfoil..

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100 points

perspective is everything

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My friend is a plumber and he got hit with a pipe on the job. Day 1 vs day 3.

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131 points

Took a picture on a train when this guys looked up. Now I feel like he’s coming to get me

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Please, dude, it's time to clear your ashtray..

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95 points


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66 points

Best Fish Company Ever

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77 points

You WHAT your dog??!?!

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86 points

Flu season is pretty bad this year

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98 points

safety first!

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65 points

This car parked next to me.

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107 points

When you just can't help yourself

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114 points

She drove for a while before she noticed it

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98 points

Slaving the day away at work

161 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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