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Headphones are so overrated.

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Yep... That's a lady sitting on a riding mower, in the back of a utility trailer, completely unstrapped.

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They risk they're lives for us and then this??? wtf.

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Car faces, cannot unsee

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That sneaky mozerfoker

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Roadrage doggo

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Instructions unclear: F**ked a hamster

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How stressed out are you ?

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Made my day

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When you live in Russia

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Hopefully the future is brighter than this guy.

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Furious Russian husband fills wife's car with cement

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Something is wrong here

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This huge effort in transporting a Bobbycar

Preview d89cf2e7 91fe 4afe accf 9e11c0877d02
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Shut up and take my money

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My friend has the same Porsche that Beyonce used for her pregnancy announcement photo shoot. He looks just like her, if she were a he from Idaho.

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