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Please, dude, it's time to clear your ashtray..

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77 points


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55 points

Best Fish Company Ever

Preview 46e8ed1e 8a8a 4227 8b90 0021abfdc364
66 points

You WHAT your dog??!?!

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79 points

Flu season is pretty bad this year

Preview 4797c263 bfd9 434b b35a d3fcf3da7b83
84 points

safety first!

Preview bc1500d1 6eca 4af9 bc10 4cc91ad08239
49 points

This car parked next to me.

Preview d558050d 10dd 4d0b b3ac a32ac7866c87
96 points

When you just can't help yourself

Preview f380eb53 9294 4d4f 95bb 765465bb07ba
102 points

She drove for a while before she noticed it

Preview 879b36cd 9884 473c 9efe 077e3cbe7eaf
89 points

Slaving the day away at work


Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

Preview 21cfafbe 84ec 416e a2a5 65397318631d
75 points

Very bad people !

Preview ae40a067 c7ce 483f ac76 b2125276ff76
93 points

Doggo road trip

Preview ae45ae8e fe45 4081 a10e 4c75a8dfafd9

Well, I guess that's one way to do it

Preview 1742f5a9 fbe5 499f b6e4 9ccef0078b52
114 points

Shoots six warning shots in the face

Preview 17a84958 5a65 47d2 a2d8 1d9edf3daf04
100 points

Why can't you just be normal?

Preview e1aac200 1a8b 4f8e 8856 66871ae03787
94 points

Every few years Tom Hanks plays a slightly more serious Captain.

Preview 3f85c477 b27d 4773 8fff d24f1c59187e
104 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

Preview f04aa2df 64fe 45ff 96f5 5a833f4e0b3d


Preview 1bdd01d8 f8f8 49fa ae2e 5190f858c372
64 points

Straight up used his brothers head as a seat to get a better view of outside world

Preview 02bdf4a3 402d 4f4f 862f 430d7b4afe64

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