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So this is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own

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The countryball ambulance is coming

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Everyone knows it

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When Google catches you picking up hookers.

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Mind blown

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When the beginning and the end are the same

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My new bike (:

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La migra wey!

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Askinf the real questions

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Headphones are so overrated.

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Yep... That's a lady sitting on a riding mower, in the back of a utility trailer, completely unstrapped.

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They risk they're lives for us and then this??? wtf.

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Car faces, cannot unsee

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Eine deutsche Dokumentation über Metallfabriken



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That moment when even google knows what you're talking about....

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That sneaky mozerfoker

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Roadrage doggo

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