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Phone was falling off my steering wheel

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49 points

Can't trust anyone these days...

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21 points

How sad

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19 points

Didn't see this as a listed option on the window sticker

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22 points

Saw this lonely man on my way to work

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87 points

Camaro with additional horse power.

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21 points

Good to see Snoop Dog's morning delivery is on schedule

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19 points

Trash Panda Passenger

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22 points

Mercedes-AMG Project One

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23 points

Just realised it at home :O

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78 points

My boy dreams of his future... he has such a positive outlook.

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20 points

This must be what heaven feels like

Preview b317ab05 119d 4314 9ed6 ecfc02331486
102 points

Woman hits dog with her car...


You can't drive to Bulgaria prank call

10 points

Rat Prank on little sister goes wrong!!


Out of control rally car


girlfriend pranked me!!


Uber driver so interested in his phone he doesn't realize my hand is basically beside his head filiming him


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