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Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

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Bird dog, barn cat and ducks. Just Bros. No chaos.

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This duck doesn't give a fuck

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WTF is wrong with people these days...

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Rainbow bird

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The Way of Nature

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Helps a lot more than you think

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Come on now follow my lead!

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'I think the theory of evolution is fully compatible with faith in God.' Charles Darwin

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No other reason for which people would have elected him

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Now you can finally get sound in gifs

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I don't enjoy smelling you from across the gym

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Describe your post...

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This duck's beak looks like a wolf's face

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Here we have 2,61 Kg of freedom. Can it be a bit more?

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... apparently there's no "Meme" section left, and no appropriate category for this kind of post anymore...

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Would be way more interesting

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Oh shit...

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