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The Way of Nature

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Come on now follow my lead!

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Now you can finally get sound in gifs

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I don't enjoy smelling you from across the gym

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Describe your post...

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This duck's beak looks like a wolf's face

Preview 1d56854f 38b1 4939 8971 5c7dc1de514f
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Here we have 2,61 Kg of freedom. Can it be a bit more?

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... apparently there's no "Meme" section left, and no appropriate category for this kind of post anymore...

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Would be way more interesting

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Oh shit...

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Yes it is

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Preview 7ba525c1 7550 441c abe8 81721674eea2

This beautiful duck has an attitude problem and took to my mother's feet accordingly.


Awkward call

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Go duck yourself!

Preview 3a90cd22 f157 40e2 b12b bbed3f46841b
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Happy duck

Preview 10b0892d 1fb1 49ea 9afc 6211f2480d96

Cute As Fluff! Duck And Dog Are Inseparable Best Friends

256 points

Little advice for people on a budget

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