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Bird Just About To Dive Into Water

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No chances for fish

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Duckling being a jerk.


Toucan keeps stealing my wallet


Eye contact is important

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64 points

Hold on one sec while I...

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Aiming for the target

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It helps better than anything else

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86 points

I like this idea( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Preview 54c35477 e263 46c6 b1bc 64dc9b4d7fe1
93 points

Unless they have a bigger gun and better skills

Preview 0dd39798 03e8 4e09 b2ba 1e525d34f6db
67 points

Go with the one that's willing to see you

Preview 3a1f1d09 3968 4afc 9fab 075e42cc22b8
51 points

Look at all these flagrant lawbreakers.

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This chicken hates you

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Quak Quak

Preview 42ffbcef 79f3 4505 88d8 79fea1f3bc9b
79 points

Saw a duck with missing bottom jaw and exposed tongue today at work. It didn't seem to mind too much.

Preview 3b46ddc4 7884 4236 a80c dd14c0146a0f
40 points

Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

Preview d4664f94 61ba 40bf 92dc 8d57c249bc6e

Bird dog, barn cat and ducks. Just Bros. No chaos.

Preview c4eb3f7c 15a9 4e76 9e62 55e76f036320
53 points

This duck doesn't give a fuck

Preview b5a5f1e1 bd22 49eb 9417 d0d5702f719e
20 points

WTF is wrong with people these days...

Preview 2d55c1fb b0c2 4081 b9d4 3b2b8bd626a6
145 points

Rainbow bird

Preview c24c2bc9 bc1a 4aea a17c 935efdf839ec
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