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Photo taken at the right moment.

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152 points

They carry the sun in halves

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112 points

This truck driving past the sun

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109 points

Thunderstorm in my neighborhood in TX

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115 points

Two surfers catching waves under the pier

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112 points

This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

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82 points

This picture of lightning hitting a moving cat

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120 points

My girlfriend standing in front of the sun

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73 points

I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

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80 points

Morning commute to work in la

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85 points

Buddy is a pilot and apparently birds splat just like bugs do.

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62 points

Solar eclipse in Finland

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62 points

Lightning hits Sears Tower

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The Sun rising while pelicans fly through the air and a kayaker enjoys the view.

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The Full Solar Eclipse Over Nashville (photograph by Richard Sparkman)

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76 points

Checkmate, bullies.

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89 points


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96 points

Need a new wallpaper?

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Who else loves to look at the stars?

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