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The coolest image ive seen!does someone know how to take a picture like that?

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The best photo I've ever taken with my smartphone

Preview e81f4c65 176b 476f 990f 6a824b301257
11 points

NASA's contribution to the eclipse photos

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9 points

This is how Andromeda would be seen if brighter.

Preview 5a66d890 b834 47e4 8d1f 8f38432f5266
12 points

Best eclipse picture I've seen today tbh

Preview bd24e378 3522 4d2c ac94 394e31d18dc2
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A rare event occured today where all 17 of the earths moons were visible. such beauty!

Preview fa536e83 b3d2 4adc 8974 542888bf95fd
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When you finish it....

Preview 636022d2 bb3b 4515 9287 97a662e37113

My coworker caught a meteor on photo during our viewing of the eclipse

Preview aab8b8c3 8b8d 41a6 8f97 853679423a26
11 points

Drone sunset. Hawkinge, Kent, UK

Preview d5557fc2 216d 4200 aa3c b5f2096475e9
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It' funny though, that the moon and soon from our perspective approximately the same size

Preview e2b4033f da73 48d2 80ca 8e16726e4510
11 points

Totality at Otter Rock, Oregon 2017

Preview 2932b4e7 21a3 4a0c beab fe2980cd599f
18 points

Iceland at dusk

Preview 4670d939 f913 4e7b 8d25 c9aa6cbdad4d
13 points

When people say GoT has good CGI...

Preview 24e20460 23b9 4a1f aa5f abd07007731e

Rare picture of Great Britain leaving the EU

Preview fa28d8a4 4c86 4bb5 8e66 76c3f1f1c000
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Pulled over on the side of the road, set my camera up and took a picture of myself enjoying an amazing sunset.

Preview 23e4be40 413b 4f1f b5eb e40aa9749f54
15 points

Golden Gate Bridge casting a sky shadow

Preview c140d6eb 52b5 4aeb b589 a605c386e665
14 points

The sky really blew up in colors last night and I thought you might like it

Preview 4931f88a 19d9 4d99 97ca e12c4dc01598
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Meanwhile on planet Mars (French troops in Mali)

Preview cfe8fe82 81d0 4b66 8aa4 c6c8154af3f9
9 points

The sky on my way to work

Preview a73966be d9d8 4e54 915e b85531bd469d
13 points

Beautiful Nature

Preview 3fb775f0 b68e 42d0 b09b 6db56b93b961
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