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By far my favorite photo I've taken of the Golden Gate bridge.

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23 points

Woke up at 2 am and skydived to get this shot. Phuket, Thailand.

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21 points

Eclipse over Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

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14 points

A storm approaches

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22 points

The most majestic 🅱️oi ever witnessed

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10 Richest Countries In 2017 According To The International Monetary Fund

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Rooftop hangout

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6 points

Indian festival of Light.. Diwali

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19 points

Just finished this acrylic painting

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18 points

Dumb spaghetti westerns

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Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path

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21 points

Thats cool and scary

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21 points

Iowa surprises me every once in awhile

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11 points

Autumn in the Netherlands

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Prague at Dusk

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14 points

London at night.

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17 points

Disneyland in Anaheim as the wildfires carry on.

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21 points

An eclipse and a sunset happening at the same time.

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Portugal is under a lot of pressure, wildfires are uncontrollable and a 30 people are already dead, not counting animais

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62 points

My dads backyard minutes before evacuation during the corona fire on Sierre Del Oro community.

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