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The Netherlands without dams

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74 points

The car tires make the sand spin

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Here is some useful information, you're welcome

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Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

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23 points

"Little Iron Horse" Parksville, BC sandcastle competition

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66 points

Is that a boy or a girl? no...

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69 points

What the super-continent Pangea would look like with modern-day international borders.

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23 points

Hello Please

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It's sad, but true

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Lovely boulder

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17 points

Typical Russians.

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18 points

Gliese 667Cc, one of the nearest and most Earth-like exoplanets.

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18 points

Make Austria great again! *fixed it (australia)

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I remember now!

Preview 8946a588 fb19 4873 a7ce 64d1e0ab4ac5

Took me a while

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67 points

Fine, after war then

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20 points

Good ol' Australia

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17 points

Why Could Black Holes Delete The Universe?

15 points

How Much Of The Earth Can You See At Once?

16 points

Guy gets mad over his friends throwing water balloons at his new Mustang


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