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Living area is connected to the kitchen in this former Stalin-era apartment in Moscow, Russa.

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23 points

A room from an estate sale.

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24 points

Parisian designers' living room featuring beautiful wall mural

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18 points

Warm and open living room in Lago Sul, Brazil

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1 points

Loft in The W Los Angeles

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19 points

My type of place

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22 points

Bachelor pad in Richmond, VA

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20 points

My room on a wet blue and gold evening

Preview d2c67411 ac32 4397 85c2 72b79c782084
17 points

Michigan Central Station - Detroit, MI. Sept 13, 2017.

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13 points

Bring the Seating Together, Beautiful Livingroom in Maxico

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17 points

Scandinavian Home with unique fireplace and cozy roof terrace photos by Jonas Berg

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18 points

Fantastic living room or something

Preview 7ee2b2e2 b8f0 4d4e a981 772022ec58ce
4 points

I live in a tiny loft. It's not much, but it's home

Preview 8f272f97 8f1a 4524 909e 24665034cb59
23 points

Freixo Palace, Porto, Portugal. Furnished and designed by Stylish Club.

Preview c974152f 94dc 4c0d 9a42 7bddd032907a
9 points

Lavish parlor in a massive townhouse located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan

Preview bdad58dd 6bb4 48bd 8322 c456cd4c479a
290 points

Living room with windowed walls and high ceiling, Whistler, Canada

Preview 616be39f cab4 4595 9b5c f51c37a9953f
257 points

Residence by Ehrlich Architects in Venice,Los Angeles, California

Preview fe59d581 afc2 46a3 9b70 0820e695173f
108 points

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