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This was in my stir fry, luckily I hadn't started eating yet.

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68 points

What I Learned from Cooking Shoes

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73 points

Palms are sweaty

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Brinjal man

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85 points

“Lick Your Wounds Candy”

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107 points

This is what you get when you ask for a hamburger in Italy.

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111 points

Milk Steak

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85 points

Tide Pod Security Robot


Who is Mr Sinister??! he scared the crap outta me! omg! wtf! lmao!!

71 points

Top secret mission code-named Netflix & Chill

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107 points

I Eat a Picture of Jason Segel Everyday Until He Eats A Picture of Me. Day 5


Give this to any Canadian and get ready for them to tell you you're not a very nice person

Preview 2436a64d 8fe6 482b 997f 229d5c4cff78
151 points

1 million Scovel unit chilli prank on my dad in his sleep

17 points

The one bite when you realize it isn't fish.

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158 points

Dude Creates "Lickster" App Which Will Make You Better At Oral Sex (NSFW)

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344 points

Funny Guy Goes Around The City To Take On The Full Advantage Of Free Birthday Giveaways

909 points

Eat This Ramen In Less Than 20 Minutes, Earn $438!

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108 points

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