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Antonio Cromartie

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21 points

Murcia f**k yeah!

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24 points


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Ice shoes

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101 points

This pupper that thinks everyone's there to see him

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20 points

When you put your underwear on your neck and call it "fashion"

Preview 871703dc eb0f 40d4 b2a6 9b6b6d259a07
131 points

When the cotton farmers sing the blues instead of working

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6 points

Dont really know how to title this

Preview 6c84f2b7 c304 4beb b320 85a7588d27d2
5 points

Why are you reading this?

Preview c6751383 74e6 4167 99b4 9de82f7a5cdc

Alice Cooper looks like an older Steve Carell

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21 points

Yea why the heck not

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11 points

Game Of Thrones

Preview 8640c41d eed3 43a1 8256 43d21aed0f29
260 points

Is Ben Stiller's son doing "Blue Steel?"

Preview a9b5eb2d d4c5 4dab adfd 60ff8726d3aa
8 points

I've honestly got very little...

Preview 60380faa da64 43d8 9e44 c85fb55c91e6
11 points

When my friends try to give me advice...

Preview c5877647 f7fc 477f 8951 fa29cdc24703
10 points

Glorious Pc master race

Preview a234ce5b 790b 4af9 81ac 1e80a2d35ac4
17 points

Estonia da best.

Preview 67f04765 1082 4e07 9c71 0fa28dca491d
139 points

What the actual F**K

Preview e654b885 26b1 411c bb4d 72629af09dc0
409 points

Coke or Pepsi?

Preview eb4f2c78 24a8 4b54 9e7c d588c4cec9a9
164 points

Goes perfect with an epic steak.

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89 points

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