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True words indeed...

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162 points

7 Ways To Maximize Misery - Satirical Self-Help Edition

165 points

Banana For Sca.. What the...

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275 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

195 points

Nicely Done LEGO Printer Is Amazing

197 points

Gotta love the old cartoon network

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Words that aren't in the dictionary but still make logical sense...

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112 points

"Sum up your life in a flowchart"

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134 points


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163 points

You can't be a victim in a school shooting if you are the shooter

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160 points

This kid is going places

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99 points

It was a nice evening...

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97 points

My Dad looking like a total badass with my nephew in the March for Science

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163 points

This book store has a "blind date with a book" section.

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106 points

In alcohol's defense.

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180 points

COD: Can I copy your homework? Battlefield: yeah, just change it a bit so it doesn't look similar

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232 points

This ≠ That: A Logical Breakdown On Why Correlation Doesn't Imply Causation

262 points

My local grocery store has these new Parking stalls.

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158 points

Is porn school a thing?

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138 points

I'm so sad.

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