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Toucan keeps stealing my wallet


Come here Jenny

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86 points


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162 points

The truest thing on the internet

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107 points

What a selfless guy

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112 points

Beautiful Radio

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114 points

At my local pet food store.

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109 points

Story of every student

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101 points

A coworker’s friend found a notebook on the curb outside the county jail and it had this very specific list

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99 points

These kids are ready for the future.

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103 points

Craig & Smokey

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108 points

Hard to admit it but true anyways

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91 points


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101 points

Movies to show your kids

Preview de9f09f5 bafe 475f a57e 7596d5971ff8
118 points

Find your Netflix and chill partner

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99 points

Before VS After

Preview 8f80ff7a 2d18 48dc bdc7 0f7f196a44a5
105 points

Quit smoking and save money!

Preview 37a8ba12 63db 4979 9bad 76d9533cad44

Something I found on Facebook

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This is pretty accurate in my opinion

Preview 89477bd1 6c3b 4dee ba4f c1e6b9b0ea2c
78 points

It's always time for alcohol...

Preview 53d52fd3 c071 4bc1 8c7d 94eb90dde9af
101 points

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