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poor cat

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At least his sign rhymes

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17 points

She doesn't watch porn

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22 points

The date on the whiteboard of this picture of me 16 years ago today...

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24 points

Thanks Grampa...

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77 points

I do my friend

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79 points

Life in a nutshell

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22 points

Working in IT, I can relate

Preview bc695dc6 c147 42c6 b26c bd02fa2e5fa7
51 points

My friend had no idea what she wanted to be for Halloween yesterday. Today, when we expected her costume-less, she walked into class like this.

Preview c1547db5 f448 4dea aee4 15623db6b22b
61 points

What a sad story...

Preview c4ddf26b 8276 4559 b255 ac7404f499a9

The home library of a retired Johns Hopkins professor

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23 points

Roses are red violets are blue there’s always an asian who’s better than you

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57 points

Fake news porn

Preview a8148737 2757 42fb bb7b 90bdd16f5aa6
24 points

College fam smh... (copied)

Preview 4c283f6a 4d50 446e 8581 d46252a81713
21 points

I thought they were announcing the death of their child.

Preview 579b573f 8db8 4685 90ed e33879c25d89
68 points

Hmm..it's time for a recalculate

Preview 78540557 b8fa 42b4 b928 ddbf00c3733a
74 points

Rum cake recipe

Preview 63fea18c a12c 43e6 85d8 9a9d4273e49c

Fucking Bear in a Lambo

Preview ee731da7 3331 416d bd95 dcb072789190
23 points

I swear

Preview 839aff3b 7e5b 4c60 a4db fbae95b4c61a
22 points

I love the police too

Preview b0a3c11f 78fa 4f07 8b23 4233957d2ba7

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