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Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

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7 points

Actual photo of me waiting for my daughter to finish her homework.

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15 points

What Happens When You Shoot A See Through Suppressor In Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps)

95 points

Pretty much sums up my social skill

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107 points


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24 points

My husband's drunk letter to himself

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21 points

Holy crap...she's real

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87 points

Just like my uncle would say.

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23 points

That's a huge miss

Preview ec507a04 c4b0 4f61 947a 4055caab7c51
20 points

Good save.

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84 points

How to die in fresh

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21 points

Some wise words from pornhub

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18 points

Teach me master....

Preview f55d8b70 b812 4ecc 8785 238d849a2e20
20 points

Goodbye cruel world

Preview 40e4e5cd 47d8 4927 b0c2 76651130372d


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20 points

He beat the system

Preview c4c4863f d144 4ef8 8833 95944505c66e
17 points

He just wanted to look like a badass

Preview b637b26c edc4 40e9 be21 972fa066e0cc
15 points

Every fkn time

Preview 2c568d17 fe62 4fa8 97d9 31bd47e9b980
19 points

Family guy strikes again

Preview 800462b9 676a 4da7 af08 e10cee086984
16 points

Name one movie that according to you is overrated af.

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