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Ghost egg scared of its own tiddies 👻

Preview 77230f4f 982e 4cba 9f60 8cb837177972
13 points

The Empire Fries Back

Preview f0b6d098 61e7 4ab2 a01e 0776e58960a6
19 points

This egg shell

Preview 0063fcfb e659 4d4a bea4 47330adb29b6
18 points


Preview 0cfec35e b0ab 4f90 8e96 513119039ba7
68 points

Ever seen a happy grape?

Preview 6fab44c8 b51f 4d3b b64d 1d07fe11ca84
20 points

Freshly Laid "Egg"

Preview 8237f65b c6c3 4c5e ad1d 1e5a62f62896
24 points

Egg and gge

Preview 7e18b859 0aff 4b5a 8e06 efb7ca944db3
64 points



Hump Nails

Preview e8800a4f bdf5 4716 badc a3b33e44d3bd
73 points

Egg Ghost afraid of it's own tits.

Preview 733eab79 71e4 48cf aace 49e6b0f39862
43 points

I dropped this hard boiled egg, there was nothing underneath it. .

Preview 261e8e3d e9f8 4dd1 92ad 2243c9f5f420
7 points


Preview e16cf868 f1f8 4316 a30c b5f752291b2a
3 points

Eminem in Detroit

Preview 014518d6 8121 4aea a261 996bc1c5779a
19 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

Preview 142fba49 ce49 4fc9 a146 abe82aecceb2

Fipronil egg scandal

Preview 063e75d3 00aa 4af7 a376 c7ec2f24679c
116 points

Mom opened the egg carton when...

Preview 3d240c09 762f 4156 be31 0551b79ae615
19 points

Peeling some boiled eggs when suddenly...

Preview 36075244 9ea5 4f8f 8f78 5489f9478be8
21 points

Peeling some boiled eggs when suddenly...

Preview 7c32599d 454a 42d3 9281 19cfa9ae7bad
19 points

‘Cloud eggs’ are the latest crime against breakfast

Preview a0726538 4d5a 4344 8277 9b93eccbc510
10 points

Quite dark if you think about it

Preview 983d5801 02fa 4049 8221 2c3f58cd78f1
163 points

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