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Sun and wind damage after 30 years of driving a delivery truck.

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20 points

When the ego gets in the way of truth

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11 points

Happy 99th birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission.

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16 points

He's made for PS.

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10 points

So many dumb ways to die.

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3 points

Almost had an heart attack when my brother said that the John Wick actor had died. Still RIP Michael

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2 points

No thanks, Mildred.

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14 points

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is savage!

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118 points

Hat again

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14 points

How long ago have you seen a new meme?

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15 points

Age is just a number.

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11 points

So many questions...

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15 points

This makes me so uncomfortable 'cause of I dunno reasons

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4 points

Brotherly love

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3 points

Everything was fine, but then...

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5 points

Martin Luther King and Obama in one picture

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4 points

Introvert level = Expert

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3 points

Yeah boii

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2 points

I foresee an epic battle coming up...

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3 points

Every Hollywood mexican environment movie.

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