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The Golden Girls always throwing shade

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76 points

Feels bad man

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19 points

Why are you reading this?

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19 points

I hate them so much

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15 points

Feel old yet, Merkel, Schulz

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20 points

We all relate to this.

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20 points

For real tho ...

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22 points

We got badass here.

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49 points


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77 points

Only ten?

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18 points

Enough internet for today!

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22 points

I would imagine that is the look he gave the person that said, yeah he's dead just leave him.

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18 points

The old times

Preview ed25b86f b9e9 4b16 9616 885241156044

Portuguese President consoles an elderly woman during a visit to areas that were affected by recent wildfires killing, at least, 41 people. Massive respect!!!

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18 points

Grandpa is a savage

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20 points

Fack twilight

Preview cdee04fd c5dc 4368 b720 369bfbd51f8a

Something to think about

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83 points

Nah... Wouldn't say so cause I have the right one

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71 points

Medical students taking a selfie at the end of their studies

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16 points

Yoda with human skin color

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