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How long ago have you seen a new meme?

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6 points

Age is just a number.

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7 points

So many questions...

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12 points


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2 points

Some things are just wrong

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5 points

Just finding good memes in the internet

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1 points

Made my day, I respect woman

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1 points

When your family is on their bullshit again but you find peace

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2 points

When you are a grandmother but your clan needs you

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0 points

Babushka knows

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214 points

Success guy

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1 points

So powerful words

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250 points

Going pusstal

Preview 1693cc2b f409 4e62 aeea 4155b6b3758d
199 points

Can we appreciate this man before it's too late?

Preview dfe0ffcc 2957 4673 b77c 14bdea2f133d

In my country, we call it the Austrian method...

Preview ebd476e4 d91f 422f bff0 113749a83100
177 points

Just shave your beard they said. You will look better they said...

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100 points

Not all heroes wear cap.

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111 points

109-Year-Old Veteran And His Secrets To Life Will Make You Smile

169 points

Every dam project

Preview 524c835f 5103 4e4f 8181 ea1509d12529
67 points

Comic genius even when being gracious and respectful

Preview 86f2192d d410 4463 a96a 939f1be41369
89 points

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