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I now know what true love is. #blessed

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If you work hard enough you can do it!!

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19 points

preventing suicides

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I can relate

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55 points

I don't want no trouble.

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This is basically going to be the news tommorw

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23 points

Dad's feeding their babies

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Star Wars is life, Star Wars is love

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What a life.

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Goddamit, mate

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This is Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission. Tomorrow will be her 99th birthday

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The original Rick & Morty

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The cold has finally arrived so I decided to get my grandpa something to keep his head warm

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Yep, Reuters, Soros, may God have mercy of us goyims

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47 points

The Golden Girls always throwing shade

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84 points

Feels bad man

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24 points

Why are you reading this?

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67 points

I hate them so much

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Feel old yet, Merkel, Schulz

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41 points

We all relate to this.

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