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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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56 points

My 62 y/o mother dressed as the creature from The Shape of Water for her Oscar party

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98 points

A lifetime of sass

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92 points

Face swap

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75 points

Best selfie.....

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80 points


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76 points

Who would have thought?

Preview 6ff81550 8da6 4686 bf3e d86cc886758e
69 points

The resemblance is eggstraordinary!

Preview ef856e38 b346 46e3 80b0 8550a8af6fae
55 points

Great name for an author! No wonder she has sold over a million books

Preview a628b203 1eca 44cc adf3 b4274003ea60
104 points

The oldest grudge

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82 points

Still a better love story than Twilight

Preview 591ebb5c bad2 4fd6 9efb a88ebdd9a955
99 points

Just a quick update (he is still alive)

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106 points

female version "Trump"

Preview 073497c6 ba9c 412c bfd5 cddce20a3853
92 points

Just Slavic things

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94 points

Celebrity look-a-like.

Preview 8a7b0a0c ff17 402d be8f de315e0a0642
88 points

Hahaha fun night out with my buddies!!

Preview 9a87160a 7727 4d25 b5d4 b594c25638c9

I now know what true love is. #blessed

Preview 3d4c4871 5ae3 4986 9dfd 88614f1a5144
68 points

If you work hard enough you can do it!!

Preview 639e0cea 93ca 4037 9e12 57a6cbf50ef1
42 points

preventing suicides

Preview 5bdfa45e b083 4a47 8c7f 51ac531dd152

I can relate

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