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Interesting choice of reading material.

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24 points

Is Hugh Jackman immortal?

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19 points

“Don’t look at the sun without your glasses!”

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19 points

My substitute teacher looks like a cross of Wolverine and The Penguin.

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16 points

A wonderful photo of a woman reading a book for her blind husband.Don't ask why he is wearing watch.

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6 points

When programming twists you!

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16 points

When your professor starts paying attention...

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1 points

............white a minute.

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11 points

🍕🍕 Pizza 🍕🍕

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24 points

Fight capitalism with your iPhone like

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2 points

Kid at farmers market giving the people what they really need

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14 points

Vladimir Putin never leaves fingerprints. Even when he takes a selfie.

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3 points

If the Earth is flat, how do we have waterfalls?

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82 points

Easy money

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3 points

Holy Cow

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82 points

How to love your job :

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9 points

Turkish President Erdogan delivers a speech

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Crack Kills

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9 points

Roses are red, tea is a solution...

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4 points

Enjoy life, eat out more often

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12 points

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