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Russian boxer's urine after a 12 round fight.

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22 points

What's this guy on the subway looking at?

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80 points

Dancing can be dangerous

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Shouldn't this be illegal?

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86 points

Meanwhile, in London.....

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21 points

This case, wth.

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63 points

So, Church may be backfiring a little bit.

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66 points

What are cool laws in your country?

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20 points

The new "make love not war"

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We brought some VR systems to an assisted living facility so the elderly can relive old memories through gaming

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17 points

Audience lady has a crush on Conan

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21 points

It's happened guys

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19 points

I think i'll skip lunch

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21 points

Interesting choice of reading material.

Preview eeaa1d0e 68a6 4d4d b259 39de6d49ebf1
96 points

Is Hugh Jackman immortal?

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20 points

“Don’t look at the sun without your glasses!”

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22 points

This guy gets it. Keep the Scots out.

Preview c0161b7d 6008 4698 ab62 f389854716c6
1 points

My substitute teacher looks like a cross of Wolverine and The Penguin.

Preview 584eb7d3 43fd 41ad b245 03eabb3ba434
18 points

They found him

Preview 717b13cf 11b9 4824 99e5 72919fb7aa76
1 points

A wonderful photo of a woman reading a book for her blind husband.Don't ask why he is wearing watch.

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131 points

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