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Enjoy life, eat out more often

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5 points

I think my Friend has autism

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215 points

Subtle hints

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1 points

Why tho

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88 points

No need for a caption

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115 points

When nobody gets your cosplay

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325 points

Labour Emp holds up sign during speech of Farage

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97 points


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205 points


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154 points

Intern first working day

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115 points

Found this poster in a bar in Munich

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175 points

So, I decided to watch movie in cinema today

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71 points

Don't know if Wednesday is a good day to be gay after taco tuesday.

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252 points


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398 points

It's the American Way

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178 points

People when Trump announced he was running for president vs when he actually won the election.

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264 points

My face when I heard that Trump is winning

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113 points

Dr. Evil would be proud

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152 points

....but NOT your girlfriend!

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