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Umm no thanks...

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painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

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I love paris😂

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Painters on the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914

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Picture of a rainbow coincidence!

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There was a popular fad in the 1920s called flagpole sitting where you would - well, sit on flagpoles for multiple days

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update: the grease didn't work

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This is the best they can do? A collection of wires and wires and wires seen near the phone center in Pattaya, Thailand. December 2017.

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Sometimes it's the little things at work that make it all bearable.

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"My grandma got a label maker"

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Finally i have a HOT shower

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I don't wanna talk about it...

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This plastic wrapped fire alarm in my hotel room.

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It's called the "Come Here" side table

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Gravity gauge looks good today

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Dropped my phone from the lift, it took this pic of the people behind us.

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Perfect Toaster

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This needs a repost

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When she's about to send nudes but you have 2% battery left.

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Pro Tip for boiling pasta....

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