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Spent the afternoon installing these. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.

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Leaked photo of the Chainsmokers production studio

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7 points

Sunset in North Dakota

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16 points

I finally see the issue with chemtrails

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2 points

This is the Internet, Jen

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Just bought this for only 60 euros. Wireless extension cord for over 200 meter

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2 points

Windmills then vs now

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7 points

Rate my setup

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146 points

Trust me, I'm an engineer

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153 points

Caption this

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My wife brings this to me and says "I know im no good with electronics, but I feel something is wrong"

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292 points

A lady in my office kicked my charger. I asked her to plug it back. She was kind enough to do so.

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284 points

I think this guy has got his wires crossed

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79 points

That's one way to do it...

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145 points

For my pun lovers

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How many germans does it take to change a light bulb?

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238 points

Power lines in Thailand

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210 points

Key cleaner

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