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Book cat says nope. Not tonight.

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My laptop....MINE!!!

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Coworker isn’t at work today. So we keep on playing/pausing/skipping his tracks

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141 points


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93 points

No computer for you!

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New personal record!

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100 points

Your porn is safe from now on.

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119 points

My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I'm not artistically inclined...

Preview 1a3e46e1 9de3 42e3 9de0 782da5baba0d
106 points

A great plan!

Preview 09a788e8 fe03 4493 a7b6 33897615c22d
117 points

Because I wasn’t doing anything important

Preview ee55bd63 0863 449b b2c7 fa8a2b173a8d

That's DEEP

Preview 0a69fa3a 8d9c 414f 8432 8e58ee45d1b9
115 points

He does not approve of the time I spend on my Pc.

Preview cd634561 6c01 4f07 92fa 493cdab550fd
126 points

A rose is not a good symbol for love.

Preview 51d3fd54 33bf 4b6a 8c0f ae8090b341a4
164 points

In Soviet Russia, Pokemon is.... WTF!!

Preview 3bfeb1c0 4eb0 4bed a241 de6608218467
119 points

My mouse wasn't working at work, turned it over to investigate and got this sweet message :')

Preview 4ee5a073 ceb6 4a49 be15 03824f81a3c0
113 points

Thanks me later boys

Preview cc5197cd fc08 41f3 b1e7 71f0d464afbb
129 points

She got even angrier when Nintendo told her there were only 3 meals in a day.

Preview 9d7b0672 ad10 4571 a814 ba6a996953e4
124 points

Conspiracy theories nowadays

Preview 66e5195c 98ab 40cc a05d ec0ebc1726ef
136 points

When a thai girl takes her pants off

Preview dd0835eb 5b4a 41c3 9129 68b9137eca66
156 points

My tie is tucked

Preview 015f22c6 76d7 4af6 a003 750ac6a87c6e
128 points

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