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If EA made Park benches

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86 points

The difference 20 years makes

Preview 2ec9d016 e6f6 4a1c 9a9e c8bca42f9369
96 points

Action photography

Preview 3ed5199c 0fdf 4091 bf87 55cbcc37b145
82 points

My college doesn't want us to make popcorn in their shitty microwaves

Preview 57343c65 cf41 408d a7cc f8173c828603
48 points

Movie night with the wife.

Preview 67e41795 10da 42c8 b1d6 862a67a9dc22
60 points

10 out of 10

Preview 6fc1fb11 a26a 48de 9e27 1ff5f52dbca4
46 points

Good for him!

Preview 5f9bd408 e55f 4845 a30f 705c989558b2
49 points

Credit card chip reader in a head shop

Preview 7be98130 6fb3 4f74 a404 b81c3b7db9b5
64 points

walking pub :)

Preview c46694a0 294a 43fd bb8b 23f6d9ca87fb
63 points

When a 10 mph crash becomes a bloodbath.

Preview 6afb57b1 836b 4353 b8ec e8ff70f3fa3d
61 points

Waffles never rested in this spot until 15 minutes after I setup my PSVR.

Preview 03889a66 4d72 4e0e 9ec0 efae97fdfec8

One of my most favourite reviews on Amazon

Preview dc29b485 73c0 4209 b6e1 c3fbccc8190d
88 points

Why is this not working? I tried flipping the phone but no luck. Any ideas?

Preview ea83fae7 ec12 4ae5 95e7 b1d48c25af28
11 points

One letter changed everything

Preview ad32d97f f13b 4090 9150 d145787fc589
124 points

Infinite internet?

Preview 94b199b2 9696 4f22 b892 953c8840f5b4
70 points

Awkward family roadtrip- Bluetooth automatically connected to dad's phone

Preview 58a513e2 86b5 4ea7 a4bb 6fd436a90bb8
22 points

Ungrateful Person

Preview d2239403 f3da 4b14 8d7b 33cc231b4089
12 points

I found this at work tomorrow

Preview 7e472560 2c38 4f68 87b5 b892f6bf264a
12 points

Happens all the time !

Preview df07d4cd 1680 4f30 b683 f3c6796809ff
19 points

Girls just love em!

Preview 08b2d6bf d906 4148 820b c60908ccb237
103 points

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