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Do you know how to make the best cache in your house?

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67 points

Star Wars envoked home recording studio. /Miami, Fl/

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103 points

Time to FAP

Preview 6f446030 62fc 4ddf 9001 b99d1efd4df7
117 points

Had a little fun on the public chat on my flight

Preview af5b5fa9 1b65 4533 8e03 61538ef2c254
85 points

My kitchen 4032*3024

Preview e236a4c3 63f4 412f a913 ea135de04905
77 points

This seems as good a place as any.

Preview ba695c24 6659 4052 b975 d0589c9b0434
92 points

When you have a big print job and your printer is cursed...

Preview 57debca2 b994 473c 8b4a 6767bb41f2e0

Coffee cups

Preview 197187f1 dc14 492e 80fa fb4dd5ab6939
78 points

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Preview 583da8d3 2184 45a5 be82 97fb8b48290f
87 points

Well then

Preview c8c66f0f bee7 4db5 a6fd 8c8ecc68f6e5
76 points

Proper Urinal Etiquette ...assuming the door is on the right.

Preview f1afbf42 457a 47a4 b19b d00cc83195c7
118 points

I am equally compelled and confused

Preview e7103a13 28a1 4565 8d82 9895a2e18034
82 points

When you see it. cross post from r/Australia

Preview 220bdc8b e715 4d7e 8e8a 82fcff43b71a
97 points

My kind of radar

Preview b178da4e ddc6 4793 997a 0e17799af863
84 points

Hatface level is strong

Preview e72a414d b62d 4677 9c5e 66c0849da421
90 points

Well I'm getting old..

Preview 470c9857 923c 451f 8f32 00b0354303ba
94 points

My dad's shop microwave display is full of bugs because of the clock's backlight

Preview f5c5d7df 57c2 4bf4 b36e caa36a750113
94 points

I'm not sure what she does mean.

Preview 84d290d0 06cf 4cf0 ac2f 2c2c7169deab

The cafe where I work got broken into. The thief was greeted by this note I left inside the register.

Preview 8ff196d8 b8b5 489e a27b 341b4ebc1bf2
78 points

If EA made Park benches

Preview 15ad247f 137e 4879 b12a 9f34cb85db0d
90 points

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