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True story

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9 points

Who else remembers?

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3 points

The safe word is "404"

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203 points

WATCH: How This Guy Make His Own iPhone In China

349 points

Pc master race

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106 points

This App That Launches A Robot To Feed The Baby Will Make You Laugh To Tears

281 points

Bless this guy

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148 points

I...I just wanted to drink water...

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126 points

How To Build An Alarm Clock That Can Only Be Silenced By A Nerf Dart

135 points

Oo yes...

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Test :)

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143 points

A lady in my office kicked my charger. I asked her to plug it back. She was kind enough to do so.

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278 points

CES 2017 in a nutshell

Preview 10a769b2 ec87 4252 a8b8 c6af33dee995
203 points

So U wanted Water?

Preview a14bcbf9 d1e8 47b8 9975 97f51f4cb6bc
166 points

Every single damn time

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176 points

Only those who have a huge brain can decode these letters

Preview ea4dc673 b711 440a 9478 e5cbf8efd789
222 points

How many of you know what this is ?

Preview 60662794 ee83 4276 acd1 9207b0bfe855
225 points

90s Christmas problems

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