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Me while diffusing a bomb

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7 points

Got bamboozled at work today...

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8 points

Give it what it wants

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20 points

When you have eliminated the unfunny, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the joke.

Preview 3217b131 c885 4ff1 9a67 2d22b0fc254a
3 points

I loved playing snake

Preview ba4edbff 8935 4fdf 9132 3f71c91dce6a
14 points

Picture of The Chainsmokers piano

Preview 6042fad6 85c3 486c bb7f aca5fd394b95
12 points

I heard you guys like nudes...

Preview 34c3f198 75d3 47d7 80de 7b5291c968ec
69 points

Poor cate

Preview eb111fd0 0177 496a 85fd 9a517f7be006
11 points

IT help desk "punisher"

Preview f8127b6f 37e4 4f08 83b4 faf37dbbd354
16 points

Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

Preview 51bd1d39 19d7 4751 bd69 c1b823ca2963
70 points

Leaked photo of the Chainsmokers production studio

Preview 5c59c453 823f 4cb0 a877 44dfbcff7a80
10 points

PSA: They make buttons for this now.

Preview fe9a5095 e3ef 465e bf79 09e40a203cb8
4 points

Engineers MasterRace

Preview 626eb02d 823a 4201 a99c c83ff0c85ab5
13 points

Another level

Preview ff1bbff0 7983 4fa7 88dd bcaa4ce53939
83 points

True story

Preview d89c6e5d bdd7 48a1 80ed 170cbf6de720
10 points

I'm proud of you bro

Preview 474cf05f 6344 4ae7 9c59 ad430d958eda
3 points

This is the Internet, Jen

Preview 02f3f006 9719 4f37 869b d0dc3184e8c8
6 points

Every f**king time

Preview c843ed48 02b8 4fb2 ab56 3e0fef487bab
5 points

My friend didn't know what one of his cards meant, so he looked it up...

Preview 55595e1e da9e 4f56 814b a4b71d203ac1
8 points

After three year I discovered that my keyboard has a cleaning brush hidden at the bottom. Finally an easy way to clean between buttons.

Preview 7a16b84b 15d0 425c 855e 99425c4b6b7a
2 points

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