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I made a man-size puppet of siamese twins

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Met Bubbles the elephant a few summers ago. She really took a liking to my Dad<><>

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Wolf eel caught in Japanese sea.

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Unexpected love story

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Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

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My girlfriend also let me choose our shower curtain.

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Lovin' Might Do Us Good

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Now THAT'S a selfie.

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The water flying onto this elephant looks like an elephant too

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Karma wins again

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The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, she liked sea lions the best!

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Justice served

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"The struggles in the life of a baby elephant..."

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Guess the animal!

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Can relate

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This is how baby elephants drink water, they don’t know how to use their trunks to drink until they are 9 months

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"this duck is driving me crazy"


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