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Wolf eel caught in Japanese sea.

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4 points

Unexpected love story

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68 points

Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

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72 points

My girlfriend also let me choose our shower curtain.

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66 points

Lovin' Might Do Us Good

Preview 76ddc047 88b7 4b4a 895b e2e942b47df0

Now THAT'S a selfie.

Preview 38a57c0d aa78 466f 8927 6588ea9377d4
71 points

The water flying onto this elephant looks like an elephant too

Preview 034ce18a 3f3c 488f b040 3bd9a4323c7b
45 points

Karma wins again

Preview 84f2c1d4 f1dd 4657 8bf9 5e18507a8dae
21 points

The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, she liked sea lions the best!

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20 points

Justice served

Preview f7e293bc 360e 4fab 8269 b7f68904833b
22 points

"The struggles in the life of a baby elephant..."

Preview 08fd7998 b9e8 476e a60e b2d92f50ece0
19 points

Guess the animal!

Preview d4ba5263 8ca4 4edf 899a 396cea7e2e72
90 points

Can relate

Preview 522adb97 8328 4b82 9360 abd70091acf3
24 points

"this duck is driving me crazy"


(Absolutely) Barbaric bastards

Preview 455fb0e3 4be0 4081 8e30 838a14c7a20b
7 points

Master of disguise

Preview fc4669f1 0536 4702 bd7d d892d916a983

Poachers should burn in Hell

Preview 45944154 4c31 4530 bba6 5894622773fb
39 points

Good sri lanka

Preview 142aac8c 91a2 430d b8db 9d977f4fb549

Elephant Helps Me Wash My Face


The elephant that forgot... to put her bra on.

Preview 6c3bbfef c9bd 4aa4 90c3 95fafa59b762

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