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Is it just me, or does the IRS building sign look like a giant Cards Against Humanity card?

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155 points

Apparently there is a Sunday yard sale in my friend’s neighbourhood.

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210 points


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211 points

As advertised.

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Yes, I worry about that a lot.

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67 points

Tell me where do we draw the line...???

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142 points

As long as we're posting signs....

Preview e24e0c19 a30c 4bc8 91f2 e3f60909bfa6
120 points

Vote for Sheriff

Preview 28d6dcf8 5fbb 429d 9a1c da58b4929f1d
106 points

Harry Potter and the Chamber of War

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137 points


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94 points

Being dyslexic is a bitch

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134 points

Meanwhile, in Louisiana...

Preview bdbe84d1 98d2 4ebb 820d bd8b16481109
139 points

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue....

Preview a412acca 7fd5 4efd a285 8a697b850e1f
121 points

Saw this gem of bemusement on my commute.

Preview ae76c69b e52f 49c0 8fd4 5b6e54f575e8
148 points

But there's a catch...

Preview 4b6e1f2c 00e7 4ced 85ca 840dbc366aa4
96 points


Preview c3487ef0 7b69 4ef4 a68c d9c4f0c2544b
164 points

A radical concept.. Bali 2017

Preview eb3253e1 0d99 4215 a33c 1f18ffa10295
120 points

Meanwhile in canada

Preview ce835435 a2e1 4b45 94e4 5f73a588535d

All Holidays Matter

Preview 817c0777 3bad 4bc1 9fb3 fe427e4832e1
82 points

Styles and Shapes of European Speed Bumps

Preview 13167662 ee75 4e93 899e 6086f4b2fbbf
172 points

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