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Without searching, guess what this truck is selling?

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11 points

Copying off the smart kid.

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58 points

Fearsome fighters

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Murica on one picture (the gun is surely inside)

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Help them!

Preview 83ed149c e239 4293 a796 92984d2a8088
13 points


Preview b0729581 dd4f 4299 8940 66b9478a8595
12 points

Decided it was best not to try and pass him.

Preview cf95e30c 4591 426c 89f2 75f835c78b79
4 points


Preview 32918e1a fcff 4434 9dd3 e25089a5f302
2 points

What Happens When Untrained Air Traffic Controller Tries To Troll While Playing Flight Simulator X

306 points

Who's going to win?

Preview 7db43119 b137 417a 93c3 4dda5f8b95b8
1 points

I sure hope they drive slowly around corners

Preview d7c32813 8569 4cc7 a5cd 928defca4c1c
2 points

Has science gone too far?

Preview bdcfa4a9 dc8e 4932 a1f1 b4497ff4269e
164 points

13 Must Know Survival Hacks

236 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

Preview 824dadc2 75fb 4174 ad04 80be90923956
138 points

A fine university for gentleman

Preview 8a14a6bf 5f82 4238 9433 5757f193760a
130 points

Came across a little bit of parking lot justice

Preview 161e5a09 2b39 42cb 969c 348910699064
112 points

Amiright or amiright

Preview 000c1cc7 5119 4cd4 b819 574bc6bab16d
292 points
Preview 7878acff df8d 40d8 bc06 5831a17bef29
98 points

When normal dic** just aren't good enough, you call..

Preview 728ed33d 5a7e 4712 9833 677a195f9fbf
145 points

Gas prices these days

Preview b4f41154 3408 40cb 9592 0a8042d3ee5d
104 points

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