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North Korea nuclear prank

23 points

Started 2018 off with a “sign”....

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75 points


Preview cff41117 aa34 4ad2 8f5d 5f93ca4684ed
72 points

And then you apply hot water so the cops won't find you

Preview 2edf8556 de83 4664 8d0e 241c0a2836a3
82 points

One of my employees found this while changing the trash today.

Preview acc72081 d632 468b ac8c 0e43b7a173bb
75 points

A sign on a door in Amsterdam

Preview c0741f8e 0781 4d6b aa8d 10769d0cd726
88 points

I'm halfway there myself buddy

Preview df824ba0 7df7 47c3 8deb 92c1b76cf1c2
104 points

Yes, I can car.

Preview ac2ffafd 83c4 44e8 8edd 7d293615997b
60 points

A peak inside the male brain

Preview 20b24efc f4fb 4efd ae44 4100ac95b2a0
108 points

This RV burning. Pic taken 20mins ago

Preview b963d209 166e 485e bc35 5229199e6adb
51 points

Fast and simple

Preview 544cdebc 6987 4983 8061 3a2f7f255003
67 points

Work van graphics done right...

Preview 611e191e 3439 41ce 937c a2e72fd5dbc8
54 points

Just a normal day in murrica

Preview d6f561a9 c3e9 4167 a4fd b06cee599618
82 points

Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

Preview d68fa57d 6546 4339 bfef f496a215ea41
55 points

I certainly appreciate this very much

Preview bc9c2796 bab9 4e2a 83ec 0c986f0c620e
106 points

Free Bird Seed

Preview e1f98f79 6150 4325 84b2 4578a955f57a

Honk if a kid falls out

Preview dccb9e5a ea31 418f 8d66 fd6cc32854db
47 points

IRMA, what a bitch!

Preview 17835a81 8bbd 4444 a3e2 6c3c3162f99c
48 points

Well, if The Red Green Show has taught us anything...

Preview c9ec822e 4bb7 4991 a86c 91e4178a5756
13 points

Close call on the Autobahn


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