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That's a risk, alright.

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65 points

Please don't flush...

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71 points

Caught in the act.

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21 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

Preview 5202fb59 8306 4512 bdd0 0822f4c394ea

Swimming pool of Indonesian architect Budi Pradono's house

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18 points

Russian toilet

Preview 080760c1 5019 4473 a108 d6985825df7e
18 points

Don’t order the dumplings

Preview 32fef697 9ae0 4d59 a673 920e9f3ca55d
24 points

My wife got me a new cutting board!

Preview 467642b2 403b 4472 9950 9967dc015f4f
78 points

It's in the glass!

Preview 419cefc7 959c 41f1 a2a0 9777699b041a
21 points

When you accidentally go to work on sunday

Preview 91f57847 9c34 4235 9961 5502ad7fbdf0
22 points

Water 💦

Preview d74c763c 2491 4a47 a34a 057d8b026c22

Toe-Nails On Paper | Art In Repose | High Class Trimmings | People Aren’t My Type

Preview c52a9345 fb74 40f5 817b 8e3afdea1def
18 points

Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

Preview 6d7d0df2 a137 406a 9161 084be03338ab
23 points

I wish school was like this when I was younger...

Preview 947702be 86cb 42da 813a 8f47ef32e8db
24 points

Poetry at its best

Preview b00ac8b9 b71d 4673 aa89 f49c2c41252e
23 points

Bathroom at MSP Airport

Preview ad037d54 bf76 4700 8e7f 562ef29139d1
24 points

This toilet looks like a loud drunk wanting to fight me.

Preview a8432bcc 616a 467d b2bb b8bed14b2805
21 points

One of the Not my job awards going to slovakia

Preview 6ad2e078 580b 427d 937a 38f05ce118b5
15 points

Google "Mountain Chicken"

Preview 90fd76b6 e36c 45ef bca9 45ca55b1d437

How TF am I supposed to poop?

Preview d5b872f5 a54a 4f49 b65d 4d463d708f79
65 points

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