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This table and chairs at an ice cream shop.

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16 points

Spanish Designer Builds A Secret Studio Beneath A Busy Bridge In Valencia

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14 points

The most honest "do not enter" sign of all time.

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12 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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18 points

Why can't I, plato?

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11 points

Of all the cards to pick, this one takes the cake

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17 points

To be honest, this was not what I expected when I was told it was a swingers meeting.

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29,249 smiles is what it takes to drain a standard ballpoint pen.

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12 points

Dinosaur Detector

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15 points

You wouldn't believe it but this table was wooden before discount

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16 points

Escaping prison? Make sure the Google Car doesnt spot you.

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1 points

Blanket folding at military level

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94 points

Get a nice cross-breeze with the retractable glass walls in this open living room in Winthrop, WA.

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15 points

Spacious living room located in London

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15 points

A perforated concrete facade lets the tropics into this brutalist home in Kuala Lumpur

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11 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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73 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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As a romanian I can confirm this.

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