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Has Slavic science gone too far?

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52 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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Bar bathroom went with a great paint job

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4 points

Floorboard rises to support a table.

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6 points

Some may call this junk...

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3 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

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173 points

Pretty neat stairs design

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118 points

The littlest nope ever

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119 points

When your computer doesn't care anymore!

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217 points


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91 points

And the parents of the year award goes to...

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312 points

Oo yes...

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75 points

At what age then?

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340 points

The road you get for 1M Euros in my country

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95 points

Tough neighborhood

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69 points

True Slavs Edition

Preview 219faf40 272b 455d 9032 703f7796b8d3
272 points

Here is your ticket sir - you get the 1108

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179 points

A little wisdom from my Physics professor

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74 points

This plastic bag has some serious self esteem issues.

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71 points

IKEA strikes with a new design ... WTF?

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122 points

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