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Ive been silend meber for years

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17 points

Old but gold.

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24 points

She asked nearly every guy in our class and some let her do it

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16 points

Not really depressed or anything.

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15 points

I miss her so much....

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1 points

Sometimes my uses it too.

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4 points

Happened last night...

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1 points

That's me ...

Preview b275a58a 071f 4f99 b1bd f78c38acf721
15 points

But I have no Flammenwerfer

Preview e6a442b7 7cee 4360 afcc c9e2d3175d5e
4 points

Can't deal with cheap paper

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19 points

By noon I tell you

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4 points

I just don't feel safe without doing it

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4 points

Funny seal

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5 points

So tired of...people.

Preview 623e860c 7cdd 4371 8ba6 b26a0ba868ca
14 points

Parants and wifi

Preview 8d75a3f3 d52f 4505 99d4 a02669094b62
15 points

The bandana was nice, though.

Preview bcad4df3 c546 4a64 a0b6 fef094545bfd
19 points

Not including porn etc.

Preview 633cc555 9c3a 446c a698 7df2e75b40aa
19 points

I love Europe and its history but I feel bad that these people that I meet everyday don't want to adapt to the country who took them

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145 points

It would be a hard fight :)

Preview 9f3cdd37 0d52 4f2d a465 d5a283fba46d
6 points

I'm straight.

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8 points

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