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Picture of a rainbow coincidence!

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The fire spirit

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Flare-up Steak.

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I didn’t learn this in Drivers Ed.

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70 points

It's called the "Come Here" side table

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92 points

I guess santa didn't barely scrape by this year...

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If you know this house, you've seen some really creepy shit.

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This needs a repost

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74 points


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19 points

Recess back in the 1900s

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70 points

Line maintenance

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57 points

Awesome picture I took of the Golden Gate Bridge while on a cruise.

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22 points

Lightning hitting right when the camera was processing the picture.

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Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

Preview e23c5edb 62dd 4eac bf2f 046c47ca1944
18 points

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

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54 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

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68 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

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23 points

This is Anna. I met her a month ago and found out she's doing a 6-year World Walk. She limits herself to 20 miles a day, max.

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72 points

Look who I met at the gym!

Preview 66b6f95a 2024 400e 8947 6621cbeeb735
129 points

The sunset lit the sky on fire...

Preview 75e76bc5 4d8e 4566 ad71 d5be63721681
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