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Askinf the real questions

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9 points

Never gonna ....

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1 points

It's Working!

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Who did it?

Preview 13d6d3ba c39b 4adc 8d72 4e6c0444b582
0 points

Update 2: Got it running, time to start body work

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2 points

Getting my first motorcycle soon, can't wait to pick this baby up!

Preview ad14a838 9e90 4a20 ba8c 52695af4ef90
0 points

Camera settings

Preview 4a0ef695 c5e8 4540 b77d 3ba41c1222eb
0 points

Nailed it. Argh... screw it

Preview 1fb19d67 a35a 4ec7 888b 7901a82c81bf
137 points

Just completed my first conversion. 2.0l 8valve Crossflow

Preview d5472f53 a24d 472b af2d 8c711bc38d37
91 points

Two Students Create Chainsaw Trike Using Chainsaw Motor And Kid Tricycle And Get Around The Campus

266 points

Cutting Acrylic, Plastic And Wood Using A Blade Made Of Paper Is Amazing To Watch

542 points

Wait what!!!

Preview e37ccf8d bcb7 4352 9338 4b32240fd6c4
149 points

A rare picture of an aeroplane drinking water from the sea

Preview b93d55db 1555 4b12 892b 71a2a92efb98
210 points

I think we found the problem

Preview 28988965 2104 458a a419 3819921adb8b
111 points

Had to be fixed

Preview 78066f07 88e3 4eb1 b610 53da40efc9a3
300 points

Girls these days

Preview 271e824b 1475 4438 adbb 1ba1b160e5d3
177 points

Modern slavery

Preview abf619d9 a4a2 4916 8b73 d0fb693624dc
115 points

Yay or nay?

Preview f2d2292a d99f 430e 8f63 87bcb2053398
88 points
Preview f6b98188 0f0e 483b 831d 2f672058a8ba
87 points

It's true...

Preview cf470768 5a41 48c1 aa79 1e474d34b398
251 points

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