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141 points

One of my favorite pictures...

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153 points

It's today

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82 points

This 1902 ad for stain removal.

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78 points

Two lesbian horses 69

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145 points

Jack the old lighthouse keeper with his cat, circa 1880.

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53 points

Did you know ? #044

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80 points

Bubble wrap

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104 points

Illustration from a Marquis de Sade book

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450 points

Giordano Bruno was lit, fam.

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51 points

Now, this is art.

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110 points

Right in the feels

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86 points

I gues my friend knows how to use pen.

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203 points

Halloween party??

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73 points

Nikola Tesla. #Historypic3

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133 points

I posted this five years ago on facebook, still relevant.

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98 points

You can't tell me they aren't fatbirds!

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153 points

I tottaly agree!

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75 points

I like making fantasy characters. Any helpful criticism for the mouse Captain Dabbles?

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