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Stork delivery

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Now I know the first thing I'm gonna do if I ever visit Italy.

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10 points

I have been waiting for this day all my life.

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109 points


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54 points

Dog jumping into the sea to catch a ball

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119 points

Fun time at the beach.

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What the hell would be the occasion for this stock photo series?!

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11 points

In our hearts

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Is she in the air...or on the ground?

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Moments before the pain

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Two girls bursting a water balloon on the beach

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152 points

She's living in 2045

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8 points

He looks stunning

Preview 757fb668 0514 4d8a b9d6 51c57f1a3631

Walked out to the pool my girls told me they had boobs lol Who else did this as a kid?

Preview cbbb8ad3 1e7a 4387 9f5e 37dc0b0772db

Oh man

Preview 27c71015 93c1 49e3 b9e9 75c2cec35b44

The new snow-plowing service in our city is fantastic

Preview fe58a570 336e 4bc6 b283 c3bc0bd1385d
2 points

Puberty.... oh Puberty.....

Preview 0aa98795 c54b 4134 8cbd 375e60868004
2 points

Say what ???

Preview 0affa0a8 f654 48f4 ab6b 89a401bc98c2
2 points

Romantic Slav's

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