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Playtime with Grandma

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94 points

A friend got engaged and it looks like she’s wearing a hat

Preview 2ba79ef0 7e15 4735 a3b9 cb1c529dd783
114 points

Chuck's winters be like....

Preview 3e636a4d 0cca 49b9 ba49 650e6950c579
106 points

*Freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here.

Preview ce4f9d5a 31d6 4a2e bca5 d0434a5d15f3
126 points

The last shot while still on the sled

Preview 5bd1e911 d579 4b68 a13c 1e6e58188bad

One clear victor

Preview d33ce397 48d8 4bd2 96d2 8b5f9349ed9a

It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

Preview bebb6e7c 180e 4c7e 9681 4f9240c8e0a3
83 points

This truth... it hurts.

Preview 65ba1d40 4218 4a9a a5b2 bd038d1d945e
110 points

Delivery accepted

Preview b4b041f2 829b 44b1 aff8 e8ef6be2c05f
58 points

My gf and I trying to take pictures at the beach

Preview c893429f c692 4c33 8ea1 9c19f0f112d4

Getty stock pictures really cover each and every possible situation of life

Preview 0ab11794 c758 4e40 b05c 1af3b1981cb7
92 points

Sad Truth

Preview 6272242a 31ed 46e2 98bf 850ad7d79009
89 points

He had no idea that football is gonna hit him

Preview 1ad84397 161c 4798 ba8f 363f409dc230

Lana Rhoades everyone, Lana Rhoades

Preview e5813841 82a5 43ca a159 446b3e19c580
378 points

oh no

Preview bb48e708 3224 48df 89a2 baa77e9d26f4
51 points

Let me give you a hand.

Preview 86d223b9 8209 48d7 adbf dd494925d7bb
67 points

Not jealous, just envy.

Preview a7917ea1 3759 46f1 b4be af6ad9423e5a
104 points


Preview d39aab9a 3776 430a aac0 1bf4aa169a1b

I don't know who is he, but I wanna know his story

Preview 92e0bd6a 3575 4329 b04f 9fe78006d3b7
94 points


Preview 834b7440 2e55 4cd5 be63 05cb6bca4fbd
212 points

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