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Give me your best math puns :D

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41 points

Breaking Bacon

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41 points

How they make pillows...

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70 points

My 10 year old drew this and it really gave me a good laugh

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67 points

What if she's not faithful to her husband

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79 points

As a teacher, I’m furious. As a human, I can’t stop laughing on the inside.

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82 points

That's a risk, alright.

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79 points

It's just a wank, bro

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Nothing weird

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Morale is high this week..

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18 points

And now I feel better

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My 57 year old aunt texted me today. Then all of a sudden the text messages got weird. Is this a brain condition or mental disorder?

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24 points

So I get a Christmas card from someone I barely know. How nice! And then...

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12 points

When the fuck did this happen?

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18 points

Always nice to see the men getting in on the act

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Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

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23 points

I wish school was like this when I was younger...

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24 points

From Facebook

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Science has gone too far

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