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Got this in the mail today

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97 points

Good work olympics. Deustche Demokratische Republik stronk

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89 points

A 6th grader in my wife's class drew this comic - Lord help me

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81 points

Go see a psychiatrist, they said. She’ll help with your self esteem, they said.

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95 points


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83 points

My dad gave my fiancé a goat as dowry for our recent engagement as a joke

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84 points


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57 points

Turn me on yourself...

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67 points

I live with three other guys and this is what my girlfriend left on our dryer

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64 points

No Ass/Face Sandwiches With Your Boys On The Tokyo Metro

Preview f875ca0a ee6d 4aaa 9487 39afb9dc05e5
56 points

Tom Brady last quarter...

Preview 929ea95d aeb7 4b6a b509 42a712f3df0c
71 points

The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

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66 points

The truth

Preview 2c65dd9e 1d71 4308 8ae6 c60bcdc6a67c
52 points

Hate that.

Preview 0b2b0a27 4ecc 4775 a9cc abcb18364ac4
56 points

This kid gets it

Preview 7a9f7e0d d01b 47c2 a0d0 1f7fe9feb03f
63 points

Pretty honest marketing

Preview 562ff328 795c 4ece b15e 85cea5e4c85e
54 points

And the Lord sayeth to Moses...

Preview 6705efa7 6b0e 44cb b7bf beb8be3fc447
50 points

Saw that you guys liked poop games. Here's mine.

Preview 44a63f3e 4eb6 4862 bf2e c81b95e161d6
55 points

Found these instructions next to the fur rugs in Ikea Glasgow

Preview 97e24bbe 3f37 43f3 b9d5 9e035d9cc23e
77 points

I had an idea for my headstone. Here is a rough sketch.

Preview d2061029 6171 419c a943 8c48068bfe77
61 points

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