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When you’re the problem child

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54 points

Dead diet

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60 points

According to these instructions I need two Vietnamese people to help me assemble my dining room table

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117 points

Plant Life

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112 points

This breakfast menu

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115 points

This guys business card

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98 points

Delivering pizzas

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103 points

This medieval illustration

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95 points

Seems legit

Preview 13a1e9f5 ebd5 4a7f bd32 a00606450b27
75 points

My boss and I get along

Preview 86fbf55b f6d5 4aa9 bf14 8026b4825e75
82 points

I love messing with Craigslist Scammers. They offer to purchase my items with fake checks, so I have them send me fake checks.

Preview 66f23832 20c9 4dca b188 f05b1ded1fe8
114 points

My Dad asked his accountant brother to help with his taxes...

Preview 594274b0 e292 4bdf 9fda 0d660bc5ed19
116 points

A professional mom

Preview 2dc21458 8f76 472a 8206 5b5e889841d1
94 points

Origin of the word Boob.

Preview c38c6f6c 49e4 4b01 9a53 0bfc2d7a4e46
93 points

once, people had thick skin

Preview 0c43ffd1 d49e 4161 8fd4 bffe4e5c7665
91 points

Authentic Signature

Preview 597fe8bc 7057 4906 95ad cba386bdac5e
74 points


Preview eff433ac b24b 4132 827c 2ff28a69c5d6
88 points

How twins are formed

Preview 3fced6f3 3c26 41b6 9303 af7ff21cfa7b
93 points

Nice shoes.

Preview 230ac34c 42df 45ef ba9c 74229b7ef7df

Oky Sorry

Preview e73aa7f8 ed8f 4bb6 8c61 9575a98506fe
70 points

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