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Crown shyness, a phenomenon where the leaves and branches of individual trees don’t touch those of other trees, forming gaps in the canopy

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8 points

This happened a few months ago at my university

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0 points

When programming twists you!

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13 points

God dammit, not again :|

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Street art employing a tuft of grass

Preview 665a3a19 0ee5 4cd6 ac2c 26cbb195299e
8 points

Ever take a photo in the middle of a lightning flash in a hurricane?

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11 points

Spotted a couple of hedgehogs sharing a spoon in the morning

Preview 8faed3c5 8af6 4648 b0dc 7cf073262bb7
16 points

There is a dog in this picture

Preview 41a2cd81 1a4b 4927 881e c759eec089ea
16 points

This is Anna. I met her a month ago and found out she's doing a 6-year World Walk. She limits herself to 20 miles a day, max.

Preview 15683717 10f3 4a57 881c ab69b73f141a
15 points

7+ hour sand castle & mini village

Preview 61b70e23 2598 4023 8e93 6cd9bbad1671
19 points

Go for a swim?

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10 points

You like fishsticks?

Preview 6c05cb47 d6d9 40d1 8da6 3ac8c680c8c8
17 points

This leaf looks like a tree losing its leaves

Preview 270fe7b6 4170 4b40 9ac4 7ff9c093f0c5
20 points

This underwater snake's nostrils look like googly eyes

Preview f24d3c16 8f09 4e32 b922 4ede5955d0cc
19 points

This German method for dealing with speed cameras is swift, efficient and is an example to us all.

Preview 36cf32fa 9689 4981 9d43 35bdd3a169a4
0 points

Leaning back after a nice lunch under a tree in Honolulu and was greeted by chickens

Preview f46e4c14 e87d 4399 a9e4 57f79d5e4b31

Blue ring octopus. Eff no!!

Preview b611f542 39d3 441a a306 c369dd0682cd
0 points

A little off the top

Preview 2ead941e d8a4 4274 8110 ca8f7b847107
4 points

A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

Preview e64607c5 6aba 4735 95e1 be6ad398e039
12 points

Ummm shit?!

Preview 5f1dc8f0 44af 4d38 90a7 91128d4d2ae1
16 points

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