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A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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11 points

Ummm shit?!

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14 points

Donald Trump Says Billions And Billions And Billions


What are YOU looking at?

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12 points


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14 points


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14 points

Corn Maze for Dummies

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12 points

Spider web or something holding water. Anyone seen the before? Found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains

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13 points

Amazonian swimming pool

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8 points

It looks like Superbad is happening across the street.

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15 points

“Dead Man Walking” - Probably The Scariest Photo of a Tornado that Exists

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8 points

Sunset in North Dakota

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16 points

Wallpaper #5 | Wood

Preview 204238b2 5079 4f96 93f1 fd0bb8e3db9f
3 points

Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

Preview f64d3c34 e480 42fd 8cc9 dc7a5cbe561f
10 points

I met this dude in EXIT festival in Serbia lets help him see himself

Preview c9b66133 3650 4b01 a0d4 322dee577e49
15 points

Wallpaper #6 | chill/scary vibe

Preview 7b63aa94 081c 4a84 9251 8aa11d7f9ffe
8 points


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12 points

I finally see the issue with chemtrails

Preview 063dcffc b3d9 454d 8327 2b2541d52b55
2 points

Save the neck for me, Clark

Preview e2fc5017 4d37 46d2 985e 2c150b0a3822
1 points

He can bearly move

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