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I climbed down a very dangerous and muddy hill to take this shitty, blurry photo, so please enjoy the Cookie Monster face I found along the Mississippi River.

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18 points

2,2 meter anthill in Sweden.

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15 points

Daily Art #5 - Mirrored humans by Rob Mulholland

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21 points

Join the club!

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23 points

I think this is the best photo I’ve ever taken and ever will take. All because I didn’t want to step on this little guy!

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My sister saw this at a kindergarten farm...

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23 points

Spring Bluebell path

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5 points

A sea of plastic: Shocking images show how bottles, bags and rubbish are choking our oceans

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68 points

Did it eat helium or what?? Or maybe there was a McDonalds nearby.

Preview 28df35b3 b727 43b2 acd5 d4f79310ba35
23 points

Found at my job's parking lot. Should I say something?

Preview 01eac94f a65b 41a2 8475 12ef4a6bf1d0
19 points

Bring your dog on a 5k in Louisiana, it would be fun they said.

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18 points

The hurricane is brutal outside let me in...

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24 points

Good job rain you broke physics

Preview 77baa104 c0c4 46ff 823c 81549eba3423
83 points

Stone Cottage Hoarder Tenant Update 2: Got rid of everything, cleaned it all, and took some happy exterior shots.

Preview ece13c73 7a0c 4a3c b5e5 682afd8d8664
19 points

This guy created a self-sustainable plant-in-a-huge-jar project that grew for 40 years inside the jar without opening it.

Preview 665ed4ec c1b9 411d 9173 d96878e5a74a
19 points

Somebody needs to photoshop him a tiny hookah

Preview a8704111 8f99 4bf1 9b3a 682defc7d873
20 points

Finally found a photo of my ex-fiancé's heart

Preview 50dc1906 8776 4dbe 91c2 32119f7feefc
1 points

I found this after a storm last year. It was swaying with the flow of the creek.

Preview d23eb269 d709 4a84 ba04 cd17211b42c8
85 points

Yungas road, AKA Death road, in Bolivia

Preview 235f8186 eea1 478a 8e15 2272ccd83859

Is it just me or this Google Street pic looks like GTA San Andreas?

Preview 11148b94 c1a5 467f a8d7 ae8308532090
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