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Infinite internet?

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9 points

Awkward family roadtrip- Bluetooth automatically connected to dad's phone

Preview 58a513e2 86b5 4ea7 a4bb 6fd436a90bb8
13 points

American education in a nutshell

Preview 4c03a803 3c7d 4cce 967c ed0afc92fc49
15 points

Female Daniel Radcliffe

Preview 2c481592 632b 4df7 a3a9 172ae99fa954
11 points

Every daamn time....

Preview 709119f9 09ae 473a b565 e1be6ecc38c3
10 points

Me while diffusing a bomb

Preview 737eb37e feef 4f79 acf4 0cd0c365e102
7 points

Got bamboozled at work today...

Preview dfbec7e0 4fa7 454b ae56 4a0f2f598ec1
8 points

Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

Preview 5bf5361b 311d 4b66 abe2 4e57d2f8bc3d
10 points

Painted my old welding hood

Preview 984b0cf2 d11d 4c66 b77c 2ef70623faec
16 points

You are not useless.

Preview abaccf80 4193 4c1c 9e3c 4b187923ef0e
16 points

F**k Tammy

Preview 6eea5cf5 a6f9 4eac b4c3 1454fb212082

It's safe to say OSHA doesn't exist here

Preview 3f81b632 1381 4435 9f6f a9593050b491
14 points

This man doesn't love his kids

Preview 26ce1289 46a3 4129 ad51 0773160672a8
14 points

Ungrateful Person

Preview d2239403 f3da 4b14 8d7b 33cc231b4089
1 points

What is my purpose?

Preview 08b7485a 724f 4620 9bdd 191b6d944406
2 points

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento!

Preview 0c5e2b1b 08c9 4078 bfa4 5b6f40bd7b4b
1 points

I found this at work tomorrow

Preview 7e472560 2c38 4f68 87b5 b892f6bf264a
1 points

Lawn mowers are strong

Preview e94833b5 8308 4801 a458 3b818d557688
1 points

Water should do the trick

Preview f126d1ab fea1 4ea7 90b9 4081a7391d39
2 points

It's not easy watching your teammate get slammed

Preview 1216b2f7 2b59 43be acd2 0b192570affc

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