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Cat has a sneeze, because doesn't want me to have full view of the TV.

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Billiards with a view, Lake Tahoe, NV

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87 points

Asked wife how the visit to the vet was going....

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83 points

The best place to hide from Animal Control is right under their noses.

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215 points

Tens of thousands of computer hardware, just like that.

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No thanks

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Literally my worst fear ever! Almost gave me anxiety after reading this just thinking about it.

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The Trading Floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1995, closed in 2017

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139 points

Someone messed with my keyboard

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228 points

In case you didn't know

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143 points

My brother got carried away with the fridge magnets ....

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268 points

I bought a roll of these. Day 1 of 500.

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207 points

The most dad thing my dad has ever done.

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180 points

A Dream come true

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191 points


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114 points

When the keeper takes out the attacker, a break dancing competition starts

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134 points

My psycho girlfriend uses a timer to wake up instead of an alarm

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171 points

A major career change... it’s not going to be easy, but I’m ready.

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153 points

What really happened

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