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If EA made Park benches

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84 points

Unsafe wiring

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81 points

Not mine but had to share.

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82 points

A day at the armory

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I Don't think that's how Roman Numerals work...

Preview 57f3be59 393f 4ae7 a4e1 a54b86f88ff7
86 points

Slam dunk!

Preview 5cabfbb6 8a5c 4293 a932 24d953f8e2d5

“Just do it”

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ITAP at my university's baseball game

Preview 06c3db75 20bc 41e4 83da 8d3104aa8b8b

Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Preview 9af52ec6 e82f 4716 9926 644be7154d5c

Someone in my neighborhood was getting angry because people were pissing in front of a building where he lives. He ended up hanging this sign

Preview a6f2f1e5 2bb0 48cf ad91 395fbf713362
86 points


Preview 676bdbdb d344 4275 a9fe 2e0b4f27b557
84 points

Late night taxi

Preview dd6b184a f805 4aca 8948 a1fe0b7f737b

Apparently loading a stapler is too hard for medical professionals

Preview 21505b58 71cb 4139 b5cc ed27f50fe1b7
73 points

Looks like Alan beat the hangover and made it to the 10k! Nailed it.

Preview 1e20a900 de6a 4a21 a370 90ed3adf9f43
85 points

Curling... The one Olympic sport you can look like a normal human being and still win.

Preview f80c8a98 728c 42e8 b6a4 474083053d6b
79 points

My college doesn't want us to make popcorn in their shitty microwaves

Preview 57343c65 cf41 408d a7cc f8173c828603
47 points

10 out of 10

Preview 6fc1fb11 a26a 48de 9e27 1ff5f52dbca4
45 points

Good for him!

Preview 5f9bd408 e55f 4845 a30f 705c989558b2
49 points

Credit card chip reader in a head shop

Preview 7be98130 6fb3 4f74 a404 b81c3b7db9b5
63 points

Home-made hot air balloon catches fire just after going airborne.

Preview 601e6c93 c672 42fa bb5f 1cebb2b8622c

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