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The safe word is "404"

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194 points

When even toasters have more hidden potential than you do

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95 points

Rate my setup

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138 points

No words...

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123 points

I finally joined the #MasterRace

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190 points
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106 points

"We must delve deeper into the understanding of black holes." - Stephen Hawking

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105 points

True true

Preview 38554411 eeea 462a 9252 38665cd959c3
163 points

I think we found the problem

Preview 28988965 2104 458a a419 3819921adb8b
107 points

Only in Germany, stickers who remembers you how fast you're allowed to drive with the tyres on your car

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184 points

I...I just wanted to drink water...

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101 points

When wife is not at home. only 3 left

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75 points

The original 90s selfie

Preview 9a1f644a e7a6 4261 a516 6f974a004baf
118 points

Safe Roads

Preview fc4ca455 8f59 4f67 a41c 09a47194c9ac

Oo yes...

Preview 78c565f7 027d 4075 9ae5 ee61cfb96058
68 points

Do u like my new sneakers?

Preview e71b0817 fcc1 4c36 b2ba 13f329359df6
83 points

Test :)

Preview 70d6f701 df68 4cab 8848 e3c84496cf8c
134 points

A lady in my office kicked my charger. I asked her to plug it back. She was kind enough to do so.

Preview 6483de0b bdd7 4cfb 8eab 620c9da0d88e
270 points

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Preview 7e0531e5 f02e 466e a166 22d06a7f96ba
247 points

Real meaning of having a sh*tty day.

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