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Passive aggressive gas pump will give you your goddamn receipt.

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75 points

Literal Bat Phone.

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24 points

Some people just want the world to burn.

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23 points

The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

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Local smoke shop "gold"

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68 points

They miss every time

Preview ba2f98f4 4cf6 406b a226 b2fe034968cf

Fixed it

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24 points

Yaaa like cars???

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62 points

Most we can hope for.

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63 points

First paycheck from Youtube, goodbye poverty

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66 points

When you bought a PS4 instead of a Switch but still want to play Skyrim on the go

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53 points

Noooo please don't

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19 points

These streetlights in Dublin

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23 points

Also applies to loli

Preview 6f5c8bd7 2332 4708 9a28 8458bd3ccd67
23 points

Uh wtf highway/train/etc planning skill is this

Preview 86bf2876 0834 4fb0 938e 8e0d547bb8a7

... But I only needed one sheet!

Preview e6e44a3e 277a 4705 bc49 18ace586ca15
23 points

Brother-in-law got rear-ended in the parking lot. When he went to talk to the other driver...

Preview a4c60ef3 3be9 46f5 9124 75878b299699

F1 helmet

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21 points

This is Millhaven Institution. Maximum security prison facility. In Canada. Not all of them are nice people.

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Oh come on

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