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Blue screen of literal death.

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23 points

I have to have a decoy suitcase present and wait for my cat to fall asleep whenever I pack to go travelling. She always does her best to stop me.

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god himself

Preview c9829e21 7cf4 4c31 bfb9 4aa977328c26
79 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

Preview 5542b1fc 8d78 413c b065 1e8467861397
76 points

Assassination by Foam Block

Preview 55b2a469 0ddd 4013 9354 92b5190f93e7

How is NK a real place

Preview 5d46b72b 5a68 4be2 a158 b13819f89d6a
83 points

Glad to know it enjoys it

Preview 7a794f43 fd3b 432b 8e69 ff6b551c2056
74 points

And Apple comes full circle

Preview 08103716 f311 44d0 af99 b6bb639a1016
53 points

A volunteer at our local cat rescue turned on the vacuum

Preview 9543aca3 4aff 4432 8927 aa463c385033
71 points

Or any cancer song

Preview 14313928 c3bb 4498 ac45 a99ab7de1124
72 points

Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

Preview 9ef2b99f 43bf 4e3c a3de b4d0c5035f5b
20 points

Working in these all day

Preview 4ace4fb4 6771 43f7 9b52 6584188108b1

Two stalls, one roll. I guess DFW airport wants me to fight this guy

Preview af200d48 8b14 4872 8117 f4e5adabafcd
43 points

Top quality shit right there

Preview 3a66b1ca 0857 4c47 b750 9fee04992d9b
61 points

Wenger out.

Preview ce0676b7 b5cf 4010 a296 cd6368ad05e9


Preview a42b0dc9 4771 4606 8e7d 89876b85e3f0
18 points

Honey, how much you trust me? This much...

Preview afb71b46 0851 44eb 8ff3 29366f0002ef
21 points

Oktoberfest Stein-Carrying Contest

Preview 56cb2ea4 4ea2 422a 9678 cedea2e1a205

This Rocket In Grand Theft Auto V

Preview 2b8605b1 e191 4a6c 8446 f7d1cf531675

A fight for the ball and my bad reaction

Preview a1d0252f d7e6 4e3b 843f 559f42434f87

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