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A trash panda climbed to the 23rd story of a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minn. A trap has been set on the roof with food to lure the raccoon.

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Oh sh..

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Just moved to the Netherlands... Seems like place to be.

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105 points

Me want cookies!

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My son throwing a baseball against a bounce back while I photographed from behind it.

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Snapped a pic of the time change!

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Russel Hobbs DJ Setup.

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Karate or Basketball?

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Popcorn+Coke= 3x the ticket in my country

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I saved all my dad's images to my PC, he was doing a Factory Reset, and I just randomly stumble upon this

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Never Leave Your Rubber Ducky in a Hot Car

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It’s still in the box and there’s hair on it already. WTF, who does this.

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Great choice

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Damn illegal aliens stealing our jobs.

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She's so sick of my shit.

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A bit fuzzy but I got a photo of some lightning off my balcony.

Preview 11cf9e4e 7ef3 41ef b555 c90349ea5904

The photo was supposed to be of all 3 kids hanging...

Preview c2a0f7a5 5bd7 499b 9421 f88067d4b2b3

Coworker isn’t at work today. So we keep on playing/pausing/skipping his tracks

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114 points

He startled himself as soon as I snapped the photo.

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