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Beautiful new construction house in Atherton, Ca

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24 points

Simple and modern timber living space with a view of a lake in Central Finland, Finland

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13 points

A pleasing blend of colors in the kitchen of this Montana contemporary farmhouse

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17 points

Home Office in the Woods

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16 points

Kitchen in a penthouse at 432 Park Ave in Manhattan .

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69 points

Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

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17 points

Modern, simple and well spaced kitchen with garden views in Mexico City

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23 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

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11 points

Kitchen and eating area offsets the wooden motif with green subway tile and granite in this contemporary cabin located in upstate New York.

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23 points

Rachael Ray's Southampton home

Preview d9c1c2d2 35bb 44df 94a3 f85926c8ad28
20 points

Kitchen of a former dilapidated dairy barn in the English Countryside

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37 points

Light-filled kitchen shows off its oak skeleton in this home located in Reigate, Surrey, England.

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17 points

When you have to evacuate, but meme is life

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87 points

Irma gerd!

Preview 71fe6629 1620 4c49 baef 19d06314e236
18 points

Lake house kitchen remodel in Vermont

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70 points

Best Kind of Correct

Preview e9cac107 2b59 4f8c bb47 577f52c2e478
24 points

Black kitchen with concrete countertops and an industrial skylight window

Preview 5c0ab3e5 0f33 47c2 adde 85f200077d66
44 points

Minimalist room 800x900

Preview 5f884a36 bb12 4da9 bb47 17f1c92b5a55
18 points

Little Snug under the stairs, perfect way to chill

Preview 738fd8ed 7533 4fac 83e4 6fb4c8a50dad
3 points

Kitchen uses an innovative blend of wood, steel and marble in this Chicago apartment.

Preview 52f623b5 8eba 4286 8df3 c0c312495098
38 points

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