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Pulled over on the side of the road, set my camera up and took a picture of myself enjoying an amazing sunset.

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Seattle is covered in smoke from BC's wildfires and it is making some awesome blood red sunsets

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Japanese alley

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200 years ago was born the great Russian artist - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

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Mt Rainier casting a shadow upwards

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9 points

This sunset looks like "The Incredibles" logo

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13 points

Golden Gate Bridge casting a sky shadow

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The sky really blew up in colors last night and I thought you might like it

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12 points

In the Nightly Tokyo Spotlight

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13 points

Meanwhile on planet Mars (French troops in Mali)

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A storm in Texas, USA, photographed by Craig Bill on 20 September 2011.

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Rusty - my beautiful dog, at the beach on Phillip island. He is such a great dog. Taken yesterday at sunset at Ventnor. Enjoy

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Wallpaper of the day

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9 points

The sky on my way to work

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11 points

Beautiful Nature

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56 points

This beautiful cloud

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From the sky. Leaving Texas.

Preview dce42251 24af 494f 9418 b95a149881d2
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My favorite photo I have taken, took during vacation in Michigan.

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7 points

Fog makes things woah

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