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Cri every time since I was 12.

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Rapist Godmen Arrested And His Follower Burnt Every thing

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Some Ford models ...

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104 points

Best Maternity shirt ever.

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64 points

Meanwhile in South Africa

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When your gnome mage is richer than a country's elite

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When you hit something...

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22 points

Incredible India

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That epic moment when The Rock and Dwayne Johnson finally met

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Not sure if this has already been posted but...

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110 points


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20 points

Stop letting the media control your outrage

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17 points


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12 points

Stop letting the media control your outrage America

Preview d92f3dd8 e006 45b8 987a e1ac3cfbc719
21 points

"Up" :3

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5 points

Meanwhile in Germany...International Beer Day

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22 points

The Rock is a narc!

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8 points

Dodging the draft

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22 points


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