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Mein Kart

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15 points

My local regal put this sign up

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17 points

Doll Christmas Tree.

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11 points

It seems Viserys Targaryen found a new job modeling pants

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81 points

I miss old Disney

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Winters are tough on slower people.

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71 points


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15 points

Sporty exhaust

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78 points

Spotted in Wilmington Delaware.

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9 points

My university canteen has a wall clock for each of the university's campuses... except they are all in the same country, so all the clocks show the exact same time.

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68 points

The left door perfecly describes the right door's condition.

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20 points

I made that motivational poster from earlier today better

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17 points

My hotel had a “special requests” box when reserving. I told them I feel more at home with a framed photo of Christopher Walken

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19 points

Only in Walmart

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11 points

The left door perfectly describes the right door’s condition.

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58 points

Tf you lookin' at?

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19 points

You get what you pay for.

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18 points

WTF? Friend created a mobile out of bones. "Do you want ghosts? Because this is how you get ghosts."

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