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Found the Original Meme in a Castle in Scotland.

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8 points

Interesting name for an airport gift shop

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10 points

When you're still not hard enough

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12 points

Guess I'm not getting my oil changed.

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10 points

The left door perfecly describes the right door's condition.

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12 points

I got in before the panda ban!

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10 points

My dad finally got his dream car! Corvette 1959 restored and modified completely

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13 points

When the clothes shop has your size

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14 points

Taco Belle

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6 points

This guy

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13 points

Bessed spinner

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11 points

Target is a good store

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10 points

This is real art.

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14 points

Taco Belle

Preview a4cf2e0a 05a6 4a37 9758 1d22f8836408
8 points

You have a valid argument

Preview 6038198e 49a9 4a1c 8ce2 546f309c4f89
115 points

So, this isn't how you're supposed to paint prep your vehicle?

Preview fbbc5c25 d3fc 459b 9d8c 7d6ddca4a4df
13 points

Confuse screaming

Preview 2729ccdb 5e10 4982 8bcf 7fdc79711b86
7 points

Discount car sharing

Preview 4e61364c 66d2 4954 b1ef 3de7048f5028
13 points

Was at the Louvre yesterday and just HAD to find Ducreux

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11 points

Found this and thought you might like it. Lul.

Preview 8d55925e 95b8 4d1b 94e1 349391bc2283
92 points

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