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Blue screen of death.

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11 points

I aspire to be as happy as this dog

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59 points

Good idea.

Preview 40fb1cd6 a8e5 424c adf9 12358798c892
8 points

Tanks are getting Smarter

Preview f97834f4 54d2 4a44 9ba9 80de16627028
6 points

Overly attached dog makes a hole in the door

Preview 94860aa5 614b 46f8 a1c5 244230a46248

Lookin a bit Husky

Preview b028a12b 7333 49f4 8788 0173992392fe

The new King of Thailand

Preview f312094c d6f6 4d7a 89ee e9e7ef551701
3 points

So my brother is in Japan right now and sent me this...

Preview 5ec31079 24df 476b 88f7 ce5092b9b771
1 points

What's your name?

Preview 1858ffab 958b 46ea 96ae 0a52fcdabc5c
4 points

Has science gone too far?

Preview 6298fe70 25e1 4057 846d 0bd4aa952804
134 points

I think I just missed a miracle happening

Preview 9ae945a8 f22b 4285 823a 5a052146939c
116 points

Because fu*k you

Preview 7f15231a 4809 4740 80ab 097c35674e02
215 points

Coolest Teachers In The World.

Preview d24c9bb2 16bd 4828 8792 27fe8d96eaa0
155 points

In what world would this be necessary?

Preview c81c9444 2d55 4f6d 98f9 c14b94c433bd
131 points

Firefighters in California (Remi Gaillard)

Preview 661f46e6 5b01 4f7a b018 5942015952ef
262 points

When your computer doesn't care anymore!

Preview 52019c87 68b4 4739 a0b9 aaac8cf5f863
217 points

There were, in fact, 7 pickaxes in the car, not 5.

Preview debd4544 36a7 4dcc aaa8 493223a29aad
127 points

Mother of Dragons

Preview 76d298f5 0bff 43ee 9ef6 02343dbacdc2
274 points

Typical neckbeard vanity plate

Preview dd22dcd2 fc81 4cd9 b906 e4a8ce0f8c8b
84 points

Yay or nay?

Preview f2d2292a d99f 430e 8f63 87bcb2053398
88 points

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