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Mother of Dragons

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60 points

That's art

Preview ffd30c59 814b 46f2 8e6b cce631902f18
14 points

What a great family picture

Preview 2a4c5321 941a 4f65 a277 8de0ad79001d
9 points

My mom has had an empty picture frame hung for months now, so I figured I would fill it for her.

Preview 545e9086 9df2 4000 bebf a4d7af0c8c39
16 points

Imperial Royal Guard in Latex

Preview 141ec2ce f71b 4564 8e59 f5880ea3d420
21 points

Bamboozeld again

Preview da3ea8e2 074c 4778 aeef 0e005a292210
14 points

Spotted in central to during hurricane evac

Preview 7995659a 626b 45b4 8267 ef6508d65ee9
16 points

This won't end well

Preview d9f55b50 f734 4994 bf35 67cb18a91384
17 points

Another impossible standard

Preview 4c641bcc 971c 4d3e b935 d0663110b5f5
4 points

Ever asked yourself how many midgets are needed to pull a plane? It's 36

Preview a4e48a03 0d58 4603 aca0 51b9cdbf1f2a
18 points

Why ? WHY ?!

Preview 4b4aed06 8769 418a 945e 71b392c0cdf0
3 points

Wafer is my spirit animal

Preview d9103ff1 2bf0 43df 9178 d7db72f36225

When programming twists you!

Preview 902c895f 9f7a 420e 8073 11d3b5bd30fe
17 points

Things to wear at a job interview. smh

Preview 57ea9ca0 b795 4120 b333 601964cd22d2
23 points

The saddest aisle in the supermarket.

Preview 5750d360 c74a 4108 9cf7 abb9801b9d3a
15 points

Brought my dog to the dog wash. She immediately began acting like she owned the place.

Preview 9a8bcb9b 18f4 4619 bc7e e3a7bcc43b66
15 points

All these DeLoreans in one dealership

Preview 02ce470d 8344 4c73 a75d 1f95b7c2f770
16 points

Where do you keep the black trench-coats?

Preview 60f2d5b0 1983 4235 8cc3 cd9bd4f53918
11 points

All to make the business go around huh...?

Preview 798f9877 f618 48b2 805d 7dc5a73a4b57

Why can't I, plato?

Preview 9c8cebb7 552c 4ed6 a376 644de5e3cd57
13 points

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