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This is how Andromeda would be seen if brighter.

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Under the Milky Way (Yellowstone National Park)

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7 points

Top of Mast

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A picture my cousin's friend took of totality this morning (taken in the Willamette Valley, Oregon)

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19 points

BBC Live

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1 points

International Space Station passing in front of the Moon

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11 points

Mining Ruins and Milky Way

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Wtf fact of the day

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For the amazing music they make they deserve a lot more attention.

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17 points

Through the clouds, and into the stars.

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New wallpaper for you

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My first shot at a Milky Way panorama!

Preview 57177136 5fce 4efb 8621 22970538d061
12 points

I love the way the earth rotates

Preview 9ccb9de3 f064 4a7d 8993 12f904f182f0
2 points

Good time for a selfie...

Preview d069cf07 dc24 4ae0 abd4 834ea9c9da26
14 points

30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

Preview ba343b93 4963 401b 90c0 fe5dc425fb24
59 points

The cold was worth it

Preview 36c929e0 f6eb 4672 b88f d439f0ee1501
12 points

So deep

Preview dad9beb0 2514 4da8 8d4e 49716fe00347
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Earths ocean currents in psychedelic technicolor

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Describe your post...

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