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International Space Station passing in front of the Moon

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Mining Ruins and Milky Way

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Wtf fact of the day

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For the amazing music they make they deserve a lot more attention.

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Through the clouds, and into the stars.

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New wallpaper for you

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My first shot at a Milky Way panorama!

Preview 57177136 5fce 4efb 8621 22970538d061
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Good time for a selfie...

Preview d069cf07 dc24 4ae0 abd4 834ea9c9da26
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30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

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The cold was worth it

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Earths ocean currents in psychedelic technicolor

Preview 084ad71a 4bb2 4bcf aa7f a14a20dcbc2a
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Describe your post...

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The conspiracy theories are true

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It has begun

Preview ecf8e22b 9ffd 4f1a 91e2 7aa43bc15e89
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Haven't been home for a couple of years - what a sight!

Preview ce0ca433 5e8a 40cf 960f 7cd0e55f6ca2

This is home. This is how little we are. This is why I'm a photographer.

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NASA Has Discovered 7 Earth-like Planets Orbiting The Star TRAPPIST-1

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