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Eastern time zone perfection

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Be like star

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Asking the real questions

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147 points

The Rising of the Moon. South Pole.

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On top of 432 Park, New York, New York


My dad has recently become pretty good at combining his love of train photography with his new interest in star photography!

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Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

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He's watching

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If God created the Sun in the fourth day...

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92 points

Milky Way over Northern Ural, Russia

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84 points

Set my camera on a tripod and tried to get a shot of myself observing the stars last night.

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Imma goofie goobah!

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105 points

The view from our campsite in the Sahara Desert

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The moon's shadow of today's eclipse seen from the international space station

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152 points

Wallpaper of the day

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58 points

The Milky Way above Mont Blanc last weekend.

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51 points

I bet they'll send the first manned mission to Uranus...

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Kill dumb mot*******rs

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This doggo has drown syndrome!!

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