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Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

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18 points

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

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12 points

Big biceps no forearms

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84 points

Renovators dug this up from under our floor.

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24 points

Me on the 40 footer at work.

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She Can't Handle it.

Preview 6970efac 23ba 4bc4 bed3 7d8c9e5b7459
2 points

Your move b*tch!

Preview 19671596 04e4 45a0 87db 6f5014a47c5b
6 points

Tons of stacked power lines in Bangkok

Preview 7a112e9a 1a82 4685 8a97 02f672f08067
2 points

Can we fix it?

Preview ba5a3792 d05e 4291 8c84 37aacedaac31
2 points

For all Futurama fans out there....

Preview 2b0de4d7 31e1 4faa 8353 8c3f83782d18

It's safe to say OSHA doesn't exist here

Preview 3f81b632 1381 4435 9f6f a9593050b491
17 points

A Nokia snake approaches

Preview e20899dd 6657 40f8 a265 8fb46962d82e
8 points

My firefighter buddy took this shot from the bottom of a fire truck ladder.

Preview ee940ca5 0d9c 4e3c bb05 ab9d15491876
19 points

Taking a nap

Preview 0963006b b611 4843 bc77 ff957dac2e8f

This is why men die before women

Preview 726bb072 022a 4d6e 86c8 976b4929644d
92 points


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4 points

Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

Preview b237f923 0167 4761 8866 dd6719bd6891
19 points

We got ya buddy!

Preview fc2cb604 abd2 4e43 87c0 e9d15ca629ab
6 points

Caption this

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6 points

Close enough

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