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They can see what you think

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Paused the latest Captainsparklez Reddit video right here

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Can we have some railings here please?

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Mom said I needed to get my life in order. Sent her this.

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68 points

photo taken from 33rd floor, no safety-anything. but it is ok, they were probably wearing saftely-flipp-flops.

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89 points

Why I have trust issues

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My youngest spitting up with perfect timing

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My old front porch floor lasted 97 years. By my calculations, this prank may not pay off until 2114.

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67 points

Good idea slovakia

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76 points

How does this even happen??

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Just spanish

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Glass bottles melted by the forest fires in Portugal.

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119 points

Best. Manhole Cover. Ever

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that's really high up...

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Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

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55 points

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

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Big biceps no forearms

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100 points

Renovators dug this up from under our floor.

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Me on the 40 footer at work.

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