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God damn it, I hate it when that happens

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75 points

Just keep on hanging.

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Saw this guy driving out of the Home Depot parking lot yesterday

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108 points

A lot of snow is melting in my city currently...

Preview 7962cc4c b2c2 4fcd 85a3 45b2c2718160
70 points

Sometimes you gotta make a run for it

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I’m sure some of you have heard about Southern California’s amazing drivers and traffic. Here’s a good example.

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California driving

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This painting made me sh*t with bricks.

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105 points

Good Old Construction!

Preview 0cb5acb8 c5eb 4fa6 8250 9c6383a5aaf2
53 points

Redneck ingenuity

Preview 1dbda633 02b8 4feb 804b 211a5d851464
71 points

What a traffic JAM!

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Highway sign on 93 south in Medford mass

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111 points

Two twins, and a queen

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84 points

You don't have to put on the red light

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50 points

I guess it is good camouflage.

Preview 51379495 4efd 44c2 8c73 d57fbde710fe
73 points

When you really need that 4k tv to watch netflix

Preview fd3b4ea1 65e3 42b0 a401 c1e6e021b784
104 points

Who gave dad the password to the ODOT message signs?

Preview d025cd5d 4b63 4e3d 8034 1a91c0c9358d
146 points

Drove like that for about 2 miles so the other car couldn't pass

Preview 801fafdd 4140 4548 a8bc 969b7fa844d3
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118 points

Mmmm....long pig.

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