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Mmmm....long pig.

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Oh deer...

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17 points

Sunset reflecting off the rails

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13 points

Spotted on I35 in Austin, TX yesterday

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22 points

“Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath”

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You shall not pass!

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Life on the edge

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Things are about to get interesting.

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What about the place where you live?

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Japan gets paid by the mile not the hour

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Germany - proudly disobeying the "Rettungsgasse" since 1971. In fact, we even have problems with onlookers who beat up rescuers on their way through semi-existing lanes...

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Saw this at a stop light.

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What if I'm mixed?

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Houston today, hurricane harvey

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44 points

Getting crazy in California

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199 points

Walkway is for pedestrian use only.

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105 points

Simply awesome

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8 points

When traffic comes to a complete stop in Germany, the drivers, by law, are required to create an open lane for emergency vehicles

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