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Why is everything upside down when I wake up???

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70 points

"Six callers ahead of us Jimmy"

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93 points

Kitty is flying high

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76 points

A startled Izzy in her natural habitat

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65 points

My Interview strategy

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75 points

OWL ground you! I don’t give a hoot about your friends!

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79 points

My mum's eye...

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58 points

Felt a sharp itch in my eye while driving home... Found this guy shortly after.

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104 points

Transparent lip plates. Portland.

Preview 93d999a2 dbfc 4df6 a051 eebeb0e0d93a
97 points

It's beautiful. But WTF

Preview 5ab2c73a a7a7 493f 9c4f c87c38b7a98b
120 points

Made me laugh. Wanted to share with you.

Preview bc612801 2595 496d 8286 193b903c046e
92 points

Ultimate warrior

Preview 9b144631 4204 465d b802 b4254800941f
104 points

Trying to play while I’m hanging out the washing.

Preview 24260117 b650 4588 976e affd7befd7af
85 points

Funny cat is thinking about his lord.

Preview 7156fca8 a2a4 406f a59f c21bd4022de6
78 points

Barotrauma refers to injury caused by extreme air or water pressure. This can happen to your eyes as a result.

Preview c38282f7 c258 4d0d 9f1c 34edfc3f866c
101 points

Petrified lizard stuck to my wall

Preview dc46a26e 2372 4649 933c e4d9da2aa017
96 points

When you are telling your Grandparents about your job and they have no clue what have you just said, but they are very supportive

Preview eadeb249 a9b2 4f28 a9c9 5311947b3b0d
110 points

mirror selfie


One of my favorite pictures of our cat, Lilly.

Preview 53e38854 bd32 4a79 b891 7f81f3147385
83 points

Susan plz

Preview 88858ac1 e9d9 47c1 8387 bdf8d6be5a15
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