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The face of true predator

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No smok

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24 points

Hmmm true

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21 points

Beans spies photo taker.

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17 points

My kitty scratched me in the eyelid after getting overexcited.

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Wait I wasn't ready.

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12 points

Crept up on her while she was stalking a Squirrel outside

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17 points

Yes,I am that desperate

Preview 1f8b9b80 6f15 434f abc3 7087a7336905
23 points

Not a redhead, but still a color trifecta. My eyes have all three natural eye colors.

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20 points

My fishes

Preview 5ddf165c e628 4afa b1bc 725699ee672b
15 points

I'm not even really sure what he saw.

Preview 8456a4de 9862 44d4 836a aa3aa33338d9
16 points

Big lick after a good meal.

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What do you think about My cat Louie?

Preview 557ddd0a b96a 4334 8cdf 6a511ea64c46
13 points

I'm sorry. Is my studying getting in the way of your relaxing?

Preview e7ba583f 7789 4d9a 9593 3439f9d103ad

This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

Preview 08e216cb 033c 4b2e 99b8 db30a1042e94
21 points

When I switch from regular jeans into high waist ones.

Preview 3cc7aac6 9620 4d16 8caa 5810f41b4553
14 points

My cat took a selfie

Preview 4897a0a6 da07 40c9 8a37 6f4ff3548a0c

My cat's look of disapproval.

Preview 3e5530bf e0b9 4414 9ad0 9320d4b50010

Look, the lead singer cat for KISS

Preview 2dbbff79 aaa2 4eeb 9c80 eb94b40ddc83
18 points

I work for Subaru and they were giving out pawtrek pet toys. I brought one home for Ivy and she sleeps with it every night.

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17 points

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