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My new cat...yes he is a derp

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14 points

Purrfection 🐈

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14 points

I was good boi once

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12 points

Hmmm, not sure.

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10 points

Happiest creature

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10 points

Cate has creepy eyes.

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Can I get upvotes for my first selfie?

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40 points

I hope everyone finds a companion that looks at them like mine looks at me...

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16 points

This sounded really nice until I read the italics

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15 points

A bird flew *really* close to the window and scared her.

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11 points

We must let people know that we are now in a relationship

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12 points

What is love

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46 points

Cuteness overload

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Well well well

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14 points

Bought the wrong cat food,now she ignores me.

Preview d3c03204 8312 4353 9611 ba2b966f5700
13 points

I titled this one "Peanut Butter Hears A Noise Outside".

Preview 4e75805d 135d 41a5 9ebc c0be6501adf8
10 points

Does anyone else's cat do this?

Preview 447c7cba 67c2 4897 9176 87edcfaf8a51
13 points

They´re not going to make it to Hot, but meet my Good Boys (Belgian Malinois & Elkhound (with vitiligo))

Preview f1ad5d34 af8f 40d9 9139 bef879c3bf99


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"What was that?"

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