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Glitter don't care, glitter get everywhere.

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68 points

'Nam flashback

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35 points

Licking the chops

Preview 0f58cf90 619a 4c09 909d dd662a9af0f3

Funny Cat

Preview f42ef639 f0e9 4eeb bf6d a5ab9b2c2b6d
52 points

I blew my nose whilst he sat on me.

Preview 5c62ac2b c986 49f9 a352 24bab8559671
69 points

He thinks the laptop is his personal bed...

Preview 26f44e4a 0185 40e3 979a f25c5940589c

Izzy is such a goof

Preview b61d945c ddd8 4058 86de dbb0d520f69c
55 points

I shoved the camera in his face

Preview 2571e9c2 7f00 4705 a635 f04b810bb762
23 points

When you try your best but you don't succeed

Preview ec480a6c 576f 46fc b349 152e56759751
52 points

My cat doesn't share pets.

Preview d1c9bdbe a22c 4289 bf89 9e7ec9b281c3

My cat's face when he's not sure whether to be an asshole or not.

Preview 99b5577d 5828 49d6 b7ba b993e7bc0cc5
46 points

Omg what is this birb??

Preview 0e9a2ff8 9c1e 42d9 8e3f 061612b1a053
16 points

His face when I brought out his toy

Preview a1547528 95b6 4aad accd b50369cc9fb2
38 points

Izzy just realized that it's 2018

Preview cfb2fe9d 36e2 476a a664 b990fdc74ba6
15 points

She sees ghosts

Preview 85557354 c033 49ec 9852 f3d04b8db738
12 points

Thought this cat yawn was appropriate for October

Preview 0266a250 735a 4bdc a259 a63bea74963f

Happy Saturday from my cat.

Preview c3f204f2 ec95 4ee9 bac7 1d8bab75bbf3
18 points

Stella does a startle with bell toy.

Preview 051adf62 5a54 4d4a 820b fe392e2f2a62
16 points

My reaction to the posts in fresh

Preview a851ed9b e2c6 43db a4b7 b7e1b5db7e05
23 points

That's not a bird...

Preview 2c7fb9d5 1cec 414e b2f8 16a61bc20c89
17 points

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