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Barotrauma refers to injury caused by extreme air or water pressure. This can happen to your eyes as a result.

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67 points

Petrified lizard stuck to my wall

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78 points

When you are telling your Grandparents about your job and they have no clue what have you just said, but they are very supportive

Preview eadeb249 a9b2 4f28 a9c9 5311947b3b0d
83 points

One of my favorite pictures of our cat, Lilly.

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41 points

Susan plz

Preview 88858ac1 e9d9 47c1 8387 bdf8d6be5a15
54 points

Caught the lil dude unawares...

Preview ded9af3f 3717 4ebc 8081 f458e230300e
42 points

My cat thought the snozberries tasted like snozberries.

Preview c94fcf4e 0387 49e8 9edf 759a28cd4782
58 points

Just found out about this sub and want you guys to meet Marlo, queen of being startled.

Preview de6edf6c 40f0 4105 8139 8e5d11cd2cad
18 points

Just an insect on the ceiling

Preview b2ac39dc 04d4 4742 8daf 6300c84be3e3
45 points

When They Say : You're Too Young To Be Tired!

Preview aa61c81c c412 46d5 beed bfd8930bf407
85 points

Bird Rescued Snow Shoes to help her Walk again.

Preview 085ba160 6e65 453a b7fb 65c3fc9c5784
91 points

Bad joke eel

Preview 8e4fa173 819e 4611 abf2 39dc4498ab5d
88 points

He licked it so it’s his now :(

Preview 4ab9e1ef 7eb6 49ef b3cc 82d520c873f4

The more you know

Preview c136c6f9 095a 49a0 b975 f09f0f2a416f
69 points

I vant to play vith vooooooo

Preview 82da96d7 6d51 46cf a5c9 d93de9ca5fc2
98 points

Bless you, kitty

Preview 4fb33ebb ca53 40a9 8b56 e854ef8e49c6

Glitter don't care, glitter get everywhere.

Preview 7d28bfff 14e4 4327 ad35 41e99cff3532
98 points

'Nam flashback

Preview 8dc0429e b368 46dd 8cf3 2192fa43c644
74 points

Licking the chops

Preview 0f58cf90 619a 4c09 909d dd662a9af0f3

Funny Cat

Preview f42ef639 f0e9 4eeb bf6d a5ab9b2c2b6d
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