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Dodged a bullet there

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103 points

My aunt just received her son's kindergarten picture.

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96 points

My new favorite thing is adding smiles to pictures of Samuel L. Jackson.

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91 points

My students tell me that I look like the Chicken Man from Toy Story 2... I don't see the resemblance.

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68 points

Sad sauce

Preview e182af7a f1cc 4ce8 964b ed88f0753eed
72 points

Worlds richest man embraces android...

Preview 5a16c67f f398 4c76 aa9b d185b8e02b31
62 points

How much do these two look alike?

Preview 7654923a 522c 46f8 a06d 5d41ead4df30

Outrage culture fueled by media hysteria.

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46 points

Found in web

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30 points

This guy is Savage

Preview fe0b1370 9b16 4b54 9e84 8886948ff351
11 points

Marilyn Manson is my spirit animal

Preview 2e685578 9917 41d0 832d eb20f55d4c1c
107 points

My yearbook quote

Preview e690be6d 1dc0 43e1 a31b efc0ece6536f
112 points

Cartoon Dwight

Preview b441b6dc a85d 432c b4fe 0d50e558ded5
24 points

Wtf did I just read

Preview 7d30ced8 ca5a 4fee b48b 0cf135e67be0
58 points

Manamana https://g.co/kgs/dNE8Xn

Preview d1333686 3f6a 4824 b54c 21d2c33503bf

When you accidentally take home more of the ocean than you intended

Preview 44d6e6b5 ed3e 44b1 990a fe6951097fb6
76 points

It is only the number of the laps we did around the sun

Preview 50f64841 a0d8 451d 8acb d368c1f0fd25
23 points

Used to use these at work

Preview 93bde901 3e1f 4dce b10c f0e4cd6a8d7c
133 points

Soooo the mother and her daughter are both 25? "click here to uncover eternal youth!"

Preview cf80c553 e419 40ea 8f5e 78cd1dd23bbd
57 points

True magic

Preview fb385886 858e 4ca7 ba7f 6d881423c79d
317 points

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