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This mosquito is asking me for help!

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100 points


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New Puma logo

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79 points

sorry I missed pi day

Preview be6e1fca 2570 4340 a292 eb165765e290
120 points

I didn’t make this but it was too funny not to share

Preview c153487d 7b96 46ef 9b09 9ff8b314a6f8
67 points

Nope nope nope.....nope nope

Preview 54379f76 aa51 49c5 88e2 85cdbeed029b
82 points

I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing videogames.

Preview ae48bd3d 0639 4e9a a10c 23690d184f9d
86 points


Preview c1b2e374 5d92 45ce 8dfe 5bc51e570337
71 points

Pinhole viewer really does work!

Preview 444d112e d6a7 4ea8 9cf2 1a9541d057a1
85 points

Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

Preview 61a0c5c9 52ed 4f40 8caa d3296e8c4f9d

Just trying to study

Preview c451ef5e 3f8c 42bc 9c8a d2ba9b97ee4c

Someone pooped in the fitting room at Macys

Preview 2d170112 94d0 42c6 9163 4d4998c4fee9
43 points


Preview 4a6abb54 f0f3 42c8 9c4b 947e81d516f4
86 points

Early Christmas present

Preview 51863920 5af0 4f1c 9c25 b69ec73c6bb6
108 points

Yeah, this happened.

Preview 5f712fbf f2a3 4d7a a0a1 e212520c169e
66 points

My dog carries multiple pieces of his food to the rug to eat when he’s ready. Inevitably I end up stepping on it. It feels similar to stepping on little rocks

Preview 01e780e5 30be 4565 b738 1d01fa5b1b41

This rugh jiggles if you stare at it and shake your phone

Preview e415c091 68e0 4c6b b4e9 46d8d9b54f9e
86 points

I will kill it for weeks

Preview 5d82f9b6 fdde 48a7 82c2 c9cd8c0be2a5
60 points

I cant even enjoy my throne in peace...

Preview fea31cca e6ef 4b7d 8618 74ba102b2732

Women are so complex

Preview 6c266a93 bcde 4c01 8ea9 118bf02e2fc0
61 points

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